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First look: Brute Force Xbox

We have the first movie of Brute Force, one of Microsoft's newly announced titles for the Xbox.


Digital Anvil is currently developing Brute Force for the Xbox. Microsoft has high hopes for his latest work, which is a squad-based tactical shooter set in a science fiction universe. Players command a squad of four mercenaries, who take on shadowy assignments across the cosmos. The game's quests will take players through four different worlds: the Volcanic Moon of Shadoon, filled with magma and psychically active religious cultists; The Desert World of Caspian, an earthlike world where several colonies and outposts are located; The Feral Homeworld of Ferix, a giant marsh and swamp planet with oppressive heat and humidity; and The Shadow Outpost of Shrike, a barren landscape hiding a myriad of tunnels and possessing an atmosphere that is mildly poisonous to humans.

As can be expected by the game's title, Brute Force will feature plenty of weapons including both human and alien weaponry, much like in Bungie's Halo. Each member of the team will be particularly qualified for some weapons and items, which will include miniguns, sonic cannons, flamethrowers, and psychic blasts, in addition to stealth suits, infrared goggles, and weapons upgrades. Microsoft promises an easy-to-use interface that will let players command their team members easily.

The single-player mode also promises progressive character enhancement, which is similar to role-playing games. Characters become more powerful and specialized as the game progresses, increasing the strength of the whole team. This element of character development is also affected by the player's decisions and the consequences thereof. For example, whether the player chooses a stealth approach or a full-frontal assault will affect each team member's statistics.

Brute Force is currently scheduled for a release in Q2 2002 and will be exclusively available on the Xbox.

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