First look: Bloodline

Prague-based Zima Software is working on a creepy 3D action game. New screenshots inside.



Zima Software, a game development studio based in the Czech Republic, is currently working on a horror game called Bloodline. The game follows the frightening adventures of a lawyer named Jim Card as he tries to uncover the secrets behind a group of gruesome murders allegedly committed by the mysterious Dr. Brown in a sanatorium. Card has been hired to defend the doctor in the trial, and in order to get to the bottom of the mystery, he agrees to investigate the sanatorium.

Bloodline will feature fast-paced action in a variety of creepy environments. Players face more than 40 types of enemies with different kinds of attacks. The levels featured in the four chapters of the game have multiple solutions, and several different game endings are possible, based on the decisions made in the game. The game features detailed 3D character models with high polygon counts, motion-captured animations, and high-resolution textures. In addition, an interactive soundtrack will react to the action in the game and add to the sense of horror.

For more information about Bloodline, visit the official Web site for the game. No publisher or release date has been announced.

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