First look: Black Stone: Magic & Steel

Xicat releases information on its forthcoming multiplayer role-playing game. First screens inside.


Black Stone: Magic & Steel

Xicat Interactive has just released gameplay information on Black Stone: Magic & Steel, an RPG originally released in Japan as Ex-Chaser. The game, which was developed by Xpec, features cooperative play for up to four players, although it can also be played by a single player with the ability to switch between the characters in the party.

The story goes that the world of Zedan is under threat from Dark Lord Madul, who has led his underworld forces to victory over the White Wizards and the forces of light. The world's only hope is that a small band of heroes will be able to find a number of sacred black stones scattered throughout Zedan and restore power to the White Wizards before it's too late.

Character classes in the game include warrior, archer, pirate, thief, and warlock, plus a number of hidden characters waiting to be discovered on certain levels. After choosing their characters based on their skills in melee combat, magic, and long-range attacks, players will be challenged to hack their way through 26 levels filled with all manner of enemies. As they progress through the game, players will be able to upgrade their characters' skills utilizing new weapons, magical stones, and even beastly companions.

Black Stone: Magic & Steel is scheduled for release in Europe on November 22 and in North America on November 26. We'll bring you more information on the game as it becomes available.

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