First look: Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre

NovaLogic reveals a Delta Force add-on that will take the action to Columbia and Iran and add drivable vehicles.


NovaLogic has announced that it's working on an expansion pack for its best-selling tactical shooter called Delta Force - Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre. The add-on will take the action out of the crowded urban settings in Somalia with two new single-player campaigns: a drug mission deep in the jungles of Columbia and an antiterrorist mission in oil fields on islands off the coast of Iran. The fictional campaigns are designed to move the action into immense wide-open environments.

While there should be plenty of single-player content in Team Sabre, the main focus will be the new multiplayer features, most notably the drivable vehicles. At this time, NovaLogic has revealed four of the many vehicles planned for the add-on: a helicopter, a Zodiac speedboat, an LCAC transport hovercraft, and a three-man buggy. The studio has been working on the vehicles since before the release of Black Hawk Down, and it is incorporating the physics engine used in Commanche 4, which should help give the helicopter pictured in the screenshots a realistic feel.

The add-on will also feature more than 30 new multiplayer maps that take advantage of the new expansive settings in Columbia and Iran. The wide-open spaces in the new maps should favor different sorts of tactics, but even the dense jungle environments won't be off-limits for those who like to snipe, as it will be possible to climb up the trees to get a better shot.

Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre is scheduled for release this fall. The expansion pack will require that players own the original game.

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