First look: Big Air Freestyle GameCube

View the first screenshots from and information on Infogrames' motocross game for the GameCube.


Infogrames has released the first screenshots from and information on Big Air Freestyle, its upcoming motocross game for the GameCube,. The game will feature three different modes: supercross, motocross, and freestyle. The supercross and motocross modes ask players to race around the game's enormous outdoor tracks or perfect their cornering on the tight indoor courses. The freestyle mode asks players to accumulate as many points as possible by performing the game's many tricks. There will be 20 courses spread across the supercross and motocross modes and six indoor freestyle arenas to choose from.

Big Air Freestyle will include more than 30 different tricks to perform, and there will be 11 other riders on each course during the supercross and motocross races. Despite the impressive number of riders in each race, Infogrames claims that the game runs at 60 frames per second. The control scheme is said to be easy to understand, and there will also be a variety of multiplayer modes to choose from.

Big Air Freestyle is currently scheduled for release at the end of the year. Look for much more on the game in the coming months.

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