First look: Beach Volleyball

Acclaim unveils its upcoming volleyball game for the PlayStation 2.


At a press event last week Acclaim Entertainment announced plans to release a new volleyball game for the PlayStation 2 this summer titled Spring Break Beach Volleyball.

While only an early version of the game was shown on videotape, Acclaim did release several details about the game. Beach Volleyball will include 14 selectable characters that players can use in a traditional game of two-on-two volleyball. The locations of the matches will be near 12 spring-break hot spots including Venice Beach Stadium, Flamingo Pier, Emerald Marina, and Silver Sands Beach.

Gameplay modes said to be included are arcade, exhibition, tournament, and a variety of minigames. Competing in the game's various modes will unlock a number of hidden secrets. Players will also have the opportunity to customize their character's skin color, hairstyle, and accessories.

Spring Break Beach Volleyball is currently in development by Acclaim Studios Cheltenham and is expected to ship sometime this summer for the PlayStation 2.

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