First Look at Crash Team Racing

Sony releases the first screens of the latest Crash Bandicoot game - Crash Team Racing.


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With only days to go before the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony has released the first screens of the latest Crash Bandicoot game. Titled Crash Team Racing, this latest installment is a multiplayer racing game featuring everyone's favorite bandicoot and a host of his friends and foes.

Here's how the story goes... There's a new mad scientist in town named Nitros Oxide and he's about to wreak his own havoc on this little island paradise. He's absolutely obsessed with speed, so he concocts a crazy idea to speed the whole world up forever!

Crash Team Racing lets you select from eight of your favorite Crash characters as you race across more than 20 different tracks in Adventure, Time Trial, Versus, Gran Prix and Battle modes. Also, attempting to capture the multiplayer spirit of such games as Mario Kart or Goldeneye, up to four players can simultaneously battle it out.

Developed by the same team, Naughty Dog, responsible for the Crash series, Crash Team Racing is scheduled for release during the 1999 holiday season.

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