First Look: All-Star Baseball 2003

Acclaim takes the wraps off the latest game in its popular baseball series.


Acclaim has released some details on its latest baseball game, All-Star Baseball 2003, which will be released for all console platforms. The game will feature approximately 10 different modes of play, including exhibition, season, career, series, manager, expansion, home run derby, all-star game, and franchise. The expansion mode in particular lets players choose a city, stadium (there are 11 expansion stadiums out of the 50 available), and even a logo for a brand-new team, which can be added to the major league ranks. These expansion teams are built through a special draft that lets players sign minor leaguers and free agents. All-Star Baseball 2003 will also feature a Cooperstown Hall of Fame team, three-man commentary, in-game trading cards, and revamped character models shown in the screenshots from the GameCube version of the game.

We'll have more on All-Star Baseball 2003 before its multiplatform release at the end of February.

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