First Look: Aironauts for PlayStation

We take a first look at Aironauts from Red Storm Entertainment - a game set to take flight later this year.


Red Lemon Studios, now in the spotlight because of its recently announced Dreamcast title, Take the Bullet, has unveiled a new game called Aironauts. The PlayStation title places you in the role of a prisoner who has been elected to play as a contestant on a ratings-busting television show known as Aironauts. As a contestant, you break away from the monotonous prison life and into the realm of media superstar - you're now a celebrity entertaining billions of viewers.

The Aironauts' contestants strap themselves to glider rigs and battle their way to supremacy - the reason for the show's massive appeal: the Aironaut champion is granted a full pardon.

The game will let you choose from eight different characters (Lady Alexandra Dale, Grace Miles, Douglas Whooshter, Fraser Blade, Bo Winnebago, Honk, Hiroshi Badda, and Taxman), each with a completely different set of characteristics. Using one of these characters, you'll have to make your way through more than 60 levels.

Aironauts is currently slated for release this July in Europe through Red Storm Entertainment. No US release has been announced yet.

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