First look: Ace of Angels

We take a brief look at the space simulation in development at Flying Rock Enterprises.


Ace of Angels

Flying Rock Enterprises' space combat simulator, Ace of Angels, was recently selected as a finalist in the 2002 Independent Games Festival, which is scheduled to take place in March at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California. Ace of Angels is in an early beta stage of development, and Flying Rock is currently seeking worldwide licensing deals for the game.

The game lets players take control of one of 20 different spaceships, customize it with various weapons, and fly it into battle. The game engine simulates three-dimensional flight and currently includes one huge battle zone arena. The next phase of the beta will include new ships, huge capital ships, improved artificial intelligence, improved graphics, and new squadron options. The developer also plans to add a persistent world to the game so that players' actions will have a lasting impact on the overall game, ongoing missions, as well as a detailed campaign set against the game's back story.

We've posted some screenshots from the game in the gallery above. For more information, visit the official Ace of Angels Web site.

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