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Slight changes are planned for the PS2 version of Grandia II. Read about the exact changes.


Grandia II

On the final day of its Gamers Week, Ubi Soft unveiled the PlayStation 2 version of Game Arts' epic RPG Grandia II. The game is based almost entirely on the Sega Dreamcast version, which has been available for several months. It will share the same story, characters, voice acting, script, maps, and gameplay. The primary difference in the PlayStation 2 version is a handful of new cutscenes. The game's opening scene, featuring the lead character Ryudo and supporting cast members Skye and Elena, was shown. Although virtually identical to its Dreamcast counterpart, the opening in the PS2 version featured a couple of new scenes and improved visuals. Another new cutscene shown was from the game's ending. Without revealing too much, it can be said that the scene involved a rather impressive panoramic look at the final voyage of the game's so-called 50/50 seafaring vessel.

Grandia II on the PlayStation 2 will also feature improved visuals. The story remains the same, which means that players can expect more than 40 hours of gameplay. Currently, Ubi Soft plans to release the game before Christmas in the US. Game Arts is also working on a follow-up to Grandia II, titled Grandia X, for the PlayStation 2. However, specifics regarding that game were not discussed. GameSpot will have more on Grandia II for the PS2 in the coming weeks.

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