First Impressions: Super Mario RPG 2

TOKYO - Read a few hands-on comments about the N64 game known in the US as Super Mario Adventure.


Ah yes, Super Mario Mario RPG 2 (known in the US as Super Mario Adventure). As with Mother 3, we've been waiting a while for this one. While I didn't really figure out much of the game's story or plot, basically it's an adventure that Mario and crew will take part in. The neat part about the game, though, is that it's presented in a style that could be described as a puppet show or comic strip. It's very simple, cute, and it has a look all to its own. Let's hope that tomorrow we'll get to see some battle scenes - if we do, we'll definitely give you information on those.

Currently listed as 50 percent complete, Super Mario RPG 2 is being slated for a January release in Japan.

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