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First Impressions: Climax Landers

We take the latest Dreamcast RPG from the makers of Landstalker and Dark Savior for a spin.


Climax, the company behind such classics as Landstalker and Dark Savior, is back with its first Dreamcast title, Climax Landers. A fully 3D role-playing game that has experienced delay after delay since its original intended release date, Climax Landers has had many gamers looking forward to its release with great anticipation.

Unfortunately, early indications are slightly underwhelming. While this is hardly an indication of the full game (a review will come soon), it currently seems to be a series of randomly generated dungeons, much like the ones found in Evolution. The battle system is a bit more complex than Evolution's, which makes it simultaneously more interesting and more aggravating. It's easy to die in these dungeons if you're not prepared, and if and when you do, you wake up back in town, stripped of your belongings.

Graphically, the game looks pretty good, considering this is the Dreamcast, but this is a game that will definitely look dated as soon as the second wave of Dreamcast software comes around. Textures are nice enough, but a bit more pixilated than they need to be. The graphics can be blocky as well. There are some nice shadow effects and nifty light sourcing. But graphically, this game is to the Dreamcast what Dark Savior was to the Saturn - nice, but not amazing.

An English version would be welcome here, as that would enhance the storyline and clarify some of the game menus. As it is, Climax Landers is already planned for release in the States, and Dreamcast owners will finally have some role-playing action to sink their teeth into. Look for the full import review soon.

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