First images of Amazon's game controller appear -- What do you think?

Take a look at what we believe is the controller for Amazon's rumored set-top box.


The first images of the controller for Amazon's rumored set-top box have appeared and the device looks a lot like a mashup of the Xbox One and OnLive controllers. What do you think? The images come by way of noted blogger Dave Zatz (via Techcrunch), who scooped them from an overseas regulatory agency, he says.

Image credit: Dave Zatz
Image credit: Dave Zatz

As you can see in the images, Amazon's wireless Bluetooth controller sports standard control options like A,B,X, and Y buttons, shoulder and trigger pads, as well as media playback buttons. You'll also notice Android-style icons for 'Home,' 'Menu,' and 'Back," and a central button that will presumably connect you to Amazon's GameCircle service. The streaming device is believed to run on a modified version of Android.

According to a report from last month, Amazon will launch this rumored set-top box in March, and possibly for under $300. It will reportedly compete directly with Apple TV and Roku products, in that you'll be able to easily access video content through your TV.

It was previously unclear if the rumored box would support gaming, but that is now looking very likely with the emergence of the controller images. Amazon has increased its gaming-related hiring of late and even acquired Killer Instinct and Strider developer Double Helix Games for an undisclosed sum last month.

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