First image of Wii Mini revealed

Best Buy Canada outs new square-shaped red and black Wii; set for release December 7; no price information available.


The rumor appears to be right. Best Buy Canada has posted a listing for a Wii Mini, slating the system redesign to launch December 7. An internal document from a "major retailer" first tipped the console, though Nintendo has yet to confirm its existence.

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According to the listing, the Wii Mini (at right) is square-shaped and will be available in a red and black color style. The retailer's website indicates the unit is available for preorder, though clicking the link does not lead to a product page. It is not clear what the Wii Mini will cost.

Nintendo recently dropped the Wii MSRP to $130.

If the report is true, it would mark the second Wii redesign, following last year's Europe-only "Wii Family Edition" bundle. This console did not feature GameCube controller ports.

Last week, Nintendo director of product marketing Bill Trinen said the Wii remains a viable platform because of its large install base. He also suggested Nintendo could spur hardware sales by making the system available "at the right price."

"I think there's also the potential for a lot of people who still haven't purchased Wii, believe it or not, who might be interested at the right price," Trinen said at the time. "So we'll probably be looking at it more from that standpoint."

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