First Image Of Batwing For Batwoman Has Arrived, And It Looks Amazing

Camrus Johnson is playing Batwing, and it looks good.


Camrus Johnson is leveling up for the rest of Season 2 of The CW's Batwoman. Playing the role of Lucas Fox, he'll become a crime fighter on his own under the guise of Batwing. The CW has revealed the first images of the suit, and it's fantastic.

The Batwing suit was created by costume designer Maya Mani, who had assistance from Diana Patterson and illustrator Andy Poon. Ocean Drive Leather created the suit, and James Fairley at Amazing Ape sculpted the helmet. Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/The CW
Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/The CW

"I wanted the Batwing suit to represent the bond between father and son, to show the love and respect that Lucius Fox had for his son, Luke," said Mani. "It was conceived within the realm of a child's imagination; the suit is a bit fantastical and based on the whimsy of a young boy's dream--complete with rocket boosters and hidden bits that pop out! The Batwing suit represents the combined talents of a solid team who all came together and met the many challenges of encompassing lights, moving parts and the need for mobility head on, bringing this character to life."

Batwing will be joining forces with Batwoman--played by Javicia Leslie--to fight some crime, and by crime, we mean cleaning up a mess the duo created during the current season. However, Fox must overcome his own issues before he can fully become Batwing.

"I've been looking forward to seeing Batwing since we decided to make Luke Fox a fundamental part of our Bat Team way back in the pilot development stages," said executive producer Caroline Dries. "I can speak for Cam when I say, So has he! But this character couldn't come out of nowhere. We built this character from a deeply personal and complicated Luke story that we began setting up in season one, and I look forward to unfolding it over the course of Season 3."

Batwing made his comic book debut in Batman Incorporated #5 in 2011. At that time, Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham created the character to be the Batman of Africa. Yanick Paquette was the first artist to draw the character Batwing. This wasn't Fox though. At this time, David Zavimbe was under the cowl--an orphan in the DRC--and had his own vicious villains to battle, like Massacre. Zavimbe eventually retired and Lucius Fox's son, Luke, took over as Batwing. Like his father, Fox is a genius in tech and a former MMA fighter, so he has all the makings of a great member of the Batfamily.

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