First Halo 2 action figures appear

JoyRide Studios shows off prototypes, original Halo toys due later this year.


Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo 2

According to, Halo 2 fans angered by the game's delay will get a few consolation prizes. At the Toy Fair 2004 in New York City, JoyRide Studios revealed the prototypes for the action figure line based on the eagerly awaited sequel, including a revamped Master Chief and warthog. Most interesting was the mock-up of the Covenant brute, one of the hulking alien foot soldiers that will make their first appearance in Halo 2.

Having already released two batches of original Halo toys, JoyRide also showed off the finished action figures in the three waves coming out later this year. Included in wave three, which is scheduled to ship at the end of the month, are a blue Master Chief, Sergeant Johnson, two USNC Marines, and a Covenant banshee. Due in May, the fourth wave will feature an orange grunt, a red elite, a rocket launcher-equipped warthog, and a white Master Chief with a flamethrower. The fifth series of Halo toys will contain a red grunt, a black Master Chief, a Flood carrier, and a gold elite, and it will be released in July.

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