First Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas trailer unspools

The gangsta's paradise of Rockstar's upcoming crime epic can now be seen in full motion.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

After months of teasing gamers with a trickle of screenshots and plot and gameplay details, Rockstar Games has finally released the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

We've got the first video footage of GTA: San Andreas for you right here. Click "Stream for Free" for higher resolution. Although it runs at just over a minute in length, the preview offers a glimpse of Los Santos, one of three cities in the game. Unspooling to the funky bassline of "Jungle Fever" by the Chakachas, the trailer shows off various parts of the Los Angeles-inspired metropolis, beginning in a Compton-esque area of run-down houses that are covered with graffiti, which players will actually be able to "apply" themselves in the game. From there, the action moves to a beach party at sunset, where a sweeping overhead crane shot of a dual-engine propeller plane is featured as it flies over Los Santos.

From there, the trailer shows off a number of San Andreas' new features. Its hero, Carl Johnson, can be seen pedaling a bike down the street. Then he visits Reece's Hair Facial Studio, where players can customize Carl's hairstyle. (In this case, he gets a huge afro.) Then it's off to a burger joint, after which Carl shows off his new fence-hopping abilities. Carl also goes through several changes of clothes during these episodes.

Los Santos' citizens are also on display in the trailer. Looking as if they were plucked from Colors or Menace II Society, the game's characters have a distinctively early-'90s West Coast feel. From convertible "hoopties" that bounce around from their hydraulics to bandannas and buttoned-up flannels, all the essential gangsta accessories are on display. Of particular note is the uncanny resemblance that Carl's friend Ryder has to N.W.A.'s Eazy-E. The resemblance is even more uncanny after watching the Jheri-Curled thug swagger down some stairs. There will also be new in-vehicle animation that will allow characters to bob their heads to their favorite jams.

The trailer shows off several minigames from San Andreas as well. In one scene, Carl's brother is seen playing pickup basketball, and in another scene, Carl plays pool in a bar. Also shown is Carl and his crew preparing for a much less wholesome activity--a four-person drive-by shooting.

For more background on the sun-drenched and fog-glazed city of Los Santos, check out GameSpot's feature on the city or the dozens of new screenshots that were released today. Rockstar's also just unveiled the game's official Web site, which offers a quick look at some of the locations in Los Santos, including a roadside church that offers drive-thru confessions, the headquarters of the local rap recording label (Blastin' Fools Records), and some other locations of interest. A brief video of a beach party is also included. We'll continue bringing you more new information on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in the coming weeks.

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