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First Galaxies Jedi confirmed, hunted

First players to unlock force-sensitive slots in Star Wars-based MMORPG quickly find a price on their heads.


Talk about a short honeymoon. Over the weekend, players of Star Wars Galaxies, the film-inspired massive-multiplayer online role-playing game, learned that two players had achieved Jedi Initiate status. The pair were the first in the game's four-and-a-half month history to do so.

Today, the MMORPG site Allakhazam's Magical Realm is reporting that a massive bounty--150,000 credits--is being offered for the newly hatched Jedi's heads. As of press time, they had not been killed.

Reaction in the Galaxies community has been mixed. Some see the bounties as a cynical move by Sony Online Entertainment to keep the Jedi population down, others praise it as being true to the spirit of the SW films. Unsurprisingly, the most common reaction has been bloodthirsty enthusiasm by players with bounty-hunter characters, who have posted comments like "It's safari time!" on SWG forums.

Details on how the two players became Jedi can be found on the Allakhazam Web site.

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