First FIFA 19 Gameplay Video Leaked For PS4 [Update]

Own goal.

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Now Playing: First FIFA 19 Gameplay Video Leaked For PS4 - GS News Update

FIFA 19's release date is fast approaching, but publisher EA is yet to reveal any substantial gameplay footage. However, a video has surfaced on the FIFA subreddit via user WhadaFack that shows the game in action for the first time. [Update: The video has now been pulled, though it may still be floating around online. EA hasn't said when we'll be officially seeing gameplay, but with its release coming up in September, we'd expect to see something before long.]

The video shows a Europa League match between Manchester City and Manchester United running on PS4. You can see the game's new features, such as the active touch system and new commentary team, as well as an updated set of menus and tactical options.

In addition, it seems Kick Off mode has been expanded with a new suite of options. The pre-match menu shows new features such as House Rules which allow you to enforce laws such as "Long Range" or "Headers and Volleys," while you can also choose to engage in a "Best Of" series or choose to make your match a Champions League or Europa League game. Finally, there's a prompt to change something dubbed "Advantage Settings."

With Gamescom just around the corner, more FIFA 19 news is expected soon. We already know it will feature the Champions League license for the first time in a decade after EA poached the official deal from rivals Konami and PES. There's plenty more coming to FIFA this year--for more, take a look at our feature on the 19 best new FIFA 19 features you might have missed.

FIFA 19 launches for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 28. Its closest rival, PES 2019, comes out a month earlier, and it's also receiving a demo in early August. EA has not yet revealed when it will release a demo of FIFA 19.

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It's hard for me to get excited about annual games. Not just in sports, but as a whole because of the inconsistency of cross-development, and most of all, the simple fact that not much changes in these games from year to year, especially not enough to warrant a full price tag!

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PES again for me this year I think. Really been enjoying online Myclub till now, it's really addictive.

PES 2018 plays really well, looking forward to playing the new demo

Avatar image for Quarkzquarkz

@barcaazul: SCREW PES FIFA 4 LIFE!!!!!!

Avatar image for barcaazul


Each to their own and all that, but FIFA still feels too scripted to me.

Physics in PES feel more realistic and unexpected.

Avatar image for oren66

We're stuck in the worst gaming era,how i miss the xbox 360/PS3 days...

Avatar image for fox_fury

Just like the PS4 updates news:
Article title: First FIFA 19 Gameplay Video Leaked For PS4!!!!
Sub title: "Here's whats changed since 18!"
In the article: "Not much." :D

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Wow, looks awfully familiar!

Avatar image for sochio

we need a new fifa street

Avatar image for mattock1987

Who's dumb enough to keep buying these games?!

Avatar image for xenus_13

Same as every other FIFA

Avatar image for tshep117

<rant> FIFA 18 was the worst FIFA yet. EA should be ashamed to put their logo next to it. And that's saying something considering I've played each FIFA since FIFA 13. I'm not getting 19. Especially when they try so little to say why it's better than 18. Complete lack of caring towards their own creations. EA's nonchalance towards quality lessens the gaming industry as a whole. </rant>

Avatar image for Random_Matt

And plays nothing like that In real life, pass as usual.

Avatar image for ssrbvegeta

So.....exactly the same as every other FIFA?

Avatar image for toffifee

@ssrbvegeta: Haha. Exactly.

Avatar image for mpl911

By "was leaked" I assume you mean "has been released to try to generate interest, just not on an official EA / FIFA site".

Also, I've played no FIFA since 15 but I'm struggling to tell the difference. I can see this clip is only in SD and not HD so some of the details may be invisible, but how can they tell the market every year that these games have substantial differences and upgrades, when this looks the same as the version released 4 years ago?

I really struggle to understand why people buy these year, after year, after year. CoD / battlefield are slightly more understandable, as at least they will have different settings, guns, "stories", etc, but I really don't get why the FIFA games sell so well every year. And I'm a footy fan (well - you know - West Ham) (COYI!)

Avatar image for juninhotorres

@mpl911: that should be the dictionary definition for "leak".