First Far Cry Primal Gameplay Footage Coming Next Week

Watch The Game Awards next week to see the footage.


The first gameplay footage for Ubisoft's Far Cry Primal is coming soon. A gameplay video will be shown during next week's Game Awards, show organizer Geoff Keighley announced today on Twitter.

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This reveal will be one of 10 "world premieres" that the awards show will deliver. The others may take the form also of new footage or potentially full game announcements.

Far Cry Primal was announced in October through a teaser video that didn't actually show any gameplay. The game is described as a "full-fledged single-player experience," set in 10,000 BC, at a time when "massive beasts like the woolly mammoth and sabertooth tiger ruled the Earth."

As Takkar, a hunter and last surviving member of his hunting group, players arrive in an area called Oros with the singular goal of survival. The game launches in 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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The 2015 Game Awards are scheduled to take place on Thursday, December 3, starting at 6 PM PST. GameSpot will host a livestream of the event and bring you all the news, trailers, and award winners as they're announced.

What are you hoping to see from Far Cry Primal? Let us know in the comments below.

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Avatar image for tr4newreck

of course its an 'eddie' article... its devoid of actual content, and its just a 'make-work' piece

Avatar image for Drainyou_98

I so hope there are aliens in this game- get some badass weaponry like in turok and were good to go!

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

I hope this game isn't all cave man weapons. I want to shoot human pirates, T-Rex, and other crazy enemies with guns... like a Farcry 2 and 3 but with Dinosaurs.

Avatar image for sc1ss0rw4lker

@Dredcrumb9: The game is set in the stone age. Guns did not exist and dinosaurs were long dead by the time humans came around. Ubisoft has already confirmed this, there probably won't even be a bow.

Avatar image for UniversalPie

"We need to make and release these more frequently... But how?"

"We can drop all the unique buildings, and focus on just filling the map with trees and grass..."

"... And if we drop all the weapons, and focus on maybe a bow, spear, and a rock..."

"..we could eliminate the vehicles. We don't need to work on vertical gamplay if we don't have the gyrocopter."

"... Well cut it down as much as you can, we need to release these things as frequently as possible."

Avatar image for FBohler

Well, at least Ubisoft isn't just porting old games like ND does. They're milking the franchise with a bit of effort.

Avatar image for tomenigma

No guns and ammunition?

Avatar image for Keitha313

I'm kind of worried about the weapon choices, this game will need to change up and offer much more to the gameplay if its going to work.

Avatar image for bonatz

So far cry is now becoming ubisofts new AC. A good franchise that is going to get ruined by religion. Smh this was my fav game series but I guess FC 4 is the last one for me

Avatar image for jeffreybernabe

"can't wait for the season pass..."
said no one ever

Avatar image for not_a_sheep111

Will the map editor not suck this time?

Far Cry 2 >>>>> Far Cry 3/4

Avatar image for BuyaPC

Let me guess, itll be mechanically exactly like 3 and 4 but with different visuals, just like all ubisoft montreal sequels. Same missions structure same boring challenges and hunting, same stupid map expanding climbing missions and TONS AND TONS ......and TONS of collectables. God i hate ubisoft montreal for milking the shit our of every generic idea they come up with by releasing a sequel every year that is hardly even worthy of being called an expansion.

Avatar image for UniversalPie

@BuyaPC: The movement and combat mechanics are actually pretty solid in FarCry 3 & 4... But I get what you mean.

Avatar image for fluxed_up

@BuyaPC: I have to agree with you on this. I gave up on assassins creed mid-way through the third game because it simply became too stale and repetitive. I did enjoy Far Cry 4 for what it was, though it was too familiar, and I don't want another Far Cry 4 set in the dinosaur ages. I want a series that builds on what it does right and improves. Ubisoft Montreal has become a COD-like assembly-line producer of generic quality. The last game they made that mildly impressed me was Far Cry 3 --- but even that game reinvents the wheel by stealing from AC and Red Dead Redemption. Ubisoft is no longer known for originality but for maintaining the status quo.

Avatar image for ganondorf77

This article announces the announcement of the announce that announces a commercial that will announce a new announcement that will announce the teaser that will announce the **** day of the release of the announce that perhaps finally has the **** day of release of a game. Go to hell already. I'm sick of this garbage.

Avatar image for berserker66666

What does it matter? That footage is gonna go through 4 to 6 downgrade cycles before actual release aka the Ubisoft way.

Avatar image for skipper847

Ah so it not DLC to FC4. I thought it was. DOH.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c60a3d1c2911

I have high hopes for this one. Never played a cave man type open world game. It has an interesting setting that I can't recall being done before, at least in a AAA type game. It could be a lot of fun.

Avatar image for SphinxDemon

@EliOli: Rust and ARK are the exact same things

Avatar image for RogerioFM

I was tired of another Far Cry game, but this idea, it's great, no here's hoping they can pull it off. I'm also eager how they're going to justify radio towers in a cave men game. Maybe they're made of bananas.

Avatar image for LucentWolf

Really excited for this and WiLD.

Avatar image for herpesthegreat

Oh great here comes all the gamer babies to complain and cry. You crybabies deserve a yo yo and that its.

Avatar image for BrunoBRS

can't wait for prehistoric radio towers!


Avatar image for nl_skipper

I think a lot of people actually thought the first trailer was gameplay... those people are going to be upset.

Avatar image for redeemer6666

@nl_skipper: It's f**king Aliens CM all over again XD

Avatar image for tom_cat_01

Ugh, why is the text column so narrow now? 8 words per line? I'm on a laptop, not a mobile. And why do I have to click to load comments? And why does every article end with ANOTHER article. And what the hell is that immovable bar at the bottom of my screen?

Avatar image for deactivated-5c60a3d1c2911

@tom_cat_01: I think getting rid of the comments as there by default was probably done to make the page load faster. Those that want to see the comments still can, while those that just want to read the articles don't have to wait so long if they have a slow connection.

Avatar image for redeemer6666


I wanted more Rex Power Colt cyber adventures!!!

F**king Ubisoft cashing in on Jurassic World instead!


Apparently there's no Dinosaurs! Looks kinda like that old cancelled game BC

Could be quite good.

Avatar image for deactivated-5887c3545bd6c

@redeemer6666: the setting wouldnt make sense with dinosaurs. but i agree they are just cashing in but not on jurassic world but the survival genre

Avatar image for redeemer6666

@haze0986: See the only reason I said that was I was actually part of the servery that got this game made.

I am aware man and Dinosaur a separated by about 65 million years or something lol

Anyway Ubisoft offered us a choice between a Jurassic Park type survival game, A post-apocalyptic one, A vampire one, Or Blood Dragon.

I of course selected Blood Dragon.

They may have been others but I seriously don't remember ANYTHING about a caveman game XD

And in that canceled BC game I mentioned you were also caveman but.....There was still going to be dinosaurs, Hence the Dinosaur comment. :D

Avatar image for samahir01

@redeemer6666: dinosaurs are i agination of scientists.there is no such thing.the first thing that entered the earth was a human being . Period.

Avatar image for redeemer6666

@samahir01: Me, Charles Darwin and Evolution say otherwise, Period.

LOL at this bullshit, I really really hope you're having a laugh, Have you actually ever been to a Museum?

I have and that kinda shits a little hard to fake, Y'know with the 20 foot T.Rex fossil standing in the atrium.

Not to mention all the Neanderthal remains I've seen, Suppose you're going to tell me they were 3D printed back in 1829 or some shit.

Next you'll be telling me the Earth is flat and that the entire solar system revolves around it.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c60a3d1c2911

@haze0986: I think dinosaurs would make perfect sense myself.

Avatar image for redeemer6666

@EliOli: Probs make it more interesting tbh, Isn't there saber-tooth cats and mammoths in Skyrim?

That's what jumped into my mind lol

Avatar image for UniversalPie

@redeemer6666: Those aren't dinosaurs... They're both mammals. Land mammals were very small in the time of dinosaurs. Anyway, those ones you mentioned would be more appropriate in the game. I'm also hoping for a short-faced bear... Those would be terrifying to encounter; like twice the size of the largest bears now, and ran as fast as a horse.

Avatar image for redeemer6666

@UniversalPie:Dude read the entire comment chain, or at least the entirety of the first comment.

I'm completely aware they're mammals lol

But yeah I agree, Screw messing with giant ass bears

Avatar image for brn-dn

You know what would be hilarious? If they show the gameplay for the first time and it's an 8-bit sidescroller.

People would get so mad that their brains would probably explode.

Avatar image for BlindHorse

@brn-dn: Haha, the graphics crowd would have a mental breakdown. It would be sweet to watch, as long as you were a safe distance from the raging frenzy of entitled idiots shouting about how good their graphics card is.

Yes, plus one for that. Made my day.

Avatar image for redeemer6666

@brn-dn: That would actually make my day :D