First Fallout: New Vegas DLC to be Xbox 360-exclusive

Initial add-on will be released on Xbox Live this holiday season; PC, PS3 release plans unclear.

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After Fallout 3 was released in October 2008, the postapocalyptic role-playing game was followed by five expansion packs--all of which debuted on the Xbox 360 and PC. Now, it appears publisher Bethesda Softworks is taking a similar approach with downloadable add-ons for the latest Fallout game, New Vegas.

In an announcement this morning, Bethesda revealed that the first expansion for Fallout: New Vegas would debut on Xbox Live "this holiday season." No further details were given about the expansion other than that it would be "exclusive to Xbox Live." It is unclear if the exclusivity is limited to consoles or also means there will be no PC add-ons as well.

When asked for clarification, a Bethesda spokesperson would only say, "All we have announced thus far is that the first DLC is exclusive to Xbox Live. Additional info will be forthcoming in the next few weeks."

Fallout: New Vegas' expansions will debut exclusively on Xbox Live starting this holiday season.
Fallout: New Vegas' expansions will debut exclusively on Xbox Live starting this holiday season.

"We're excited to continue the partnership between Bethesda and Microsoft, and build on the success of the game add-ons released for Fallout 3 on Xbox Live," said Bethesda Softworks' vice president of marketing and PR, Pete Hines.

If the expansions for New Vegas follow the same scheme as Fallout 3's, they will be released every few months on Xbox Live over the next year. Bethesda eventually did also release them on the PlayStation Network and then included all five expansions in the Fallout 3 Game of the Year edition in late 2009. Whether the Maryland-based publisher has something similar planned for New Vegas is unclear.

Developed by many veterans of the original Fallout games at Obsidian Entertainment (Alpha Protocol), New Vegas is set in the Mojave Wasteland and casts players in the role of a courier who gets shot in the head over a package and is left for dead. After recovering, players will be free to roam the desert, exploring new areas and modifying weapons. They will also get wrapped up in the larger conflict between the New California Republic and the slave-trading Caesar's Legion, based out of the former casino Caesar's Palace.

New Vegas will feature a bevy of voice talent, including Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton. Other actors on board include Danny Trejo (Machete), Kris Kristofferson (Blade), Felicia Day (The Guild), and Matthew Perry (Friends). Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy) will once again be the game's narrator, and Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation) will reprise his role as Marcus, the intelligent mutant from Fallout 2.

For more information on New Vegas, check out GameSpot's previous coverage or the mini-documentary on the game's art direction below.

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