First Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Gameplay Footage Revealed

The MMO's Morrowind expansion lands in June, but you can see a new trailer now.


Bethesda today released the first gameplay trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming Morrowind expansion. The video provides a first look at what the island of Vvardenfell looks like in the MMO. New screenshots have also been released; we'll add those here as soon as possible.

As announced previously, existing players will be able to immediately travel to Vvardenfell and enjoy level-appropriate content as soon as the expansion launches. New players will be able to choose to create fresh characters on Vvardenfell, even without completing any previous ESO content.

ESO: Morrowind will include the first new class since the game originally launched, called the Warden. Wielding a combination of melee weapons and nature-based magic, the Warden will also be supported by a new combat ally, the war bear.

For those that prefer player-vs-player combat, a new battlegrounds mode will be included in the Morrowind expansion, pitting teams against one another in arena-like environments.

The Morrowind expansion launches around the world on June 6 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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is the warden like WoW's hunter class??

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Love ES 3-5 but haven't tried ESO. That will change in June, Morrowind as ugly as it is by today's standards and crappy melee and massive bugs still probably my favorite game.

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Does this game still have a monthly subscription fee?

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@CaptainBerserk: It's optional now. You have to buy the game outright, if you don't already have it, but after that you can play free. Subscibing gets you access to the expansions, and a monthly stipend for the cash shop (as well as a few other bonuses and quality of life perks), but the whole core game is free once you buy it.

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@Mogan: Good to know, i'll give it a try. Thank you.

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I've always hated Vivec (and the rest of the Tribunal). I get a big narcissist vibe from him. I've shown him many times that he's not as special as he thinks he is, lol.

Setting wise this looks accurate. I hope the questing is good enough to make it worth playing.

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Wait. They remade Morrowind (the setting) for ESO? Just remake the game for SP and I'll buy it like whoah (provided you don't dumb every damn mechanic and faction down like you did for Skyrim [improved melee being the very clear exception to that rant])

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@xantufrog: agreed keep the magic too though....and Oblivion's balancing cus frankly having to power level 10 levels to face flipping rats was BS.....[maybe that's overblown but it felt that way at the time] Morrowind, wonderful setting probably awesome story, never got to see it cus of unbalanced game.....also the music tended to put me to sleep.....LMAO that means good score...

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@darthrevenx: IMO magic needs to go back to Morrowind's roots - their were innumerable more spells, and spell creation was a big thing too. In Skyrim they made magic less penalizing by having magicka regen and they added the dual-wielding, but other than that it was a very simple and uninspiring affair IMO. Even if you kept both of those Skyrim features in a Morrowind reboot I'd want to see the greater depth/breadth of the original magic system brought back!

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The character models and locations look really cool. Maybe somebody can use them to make a graphics mod for the real Morrowind.

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That all looks real cool in the trailer, and I really want this MMO to be good ... but I just recently tried ESO again for the third time, and MAN, just getting to level 10 was the most boring, perfunctory, uninspired MMO gameplay I've ever endured. From the clunky combat, to the limited rotations, to the undercooked story, to the simplistic quest design, to the complete lack of instancing or reason to group, there was nothing outside the graphics that was any fun about the first several hours of that game.

Maybe it gets better later, but I don't know that it's worth suffering through any more of the early game to find out. : \

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@Mogan: Hope it doesn't feel like ESO, every dlc just felt the same, hope this one will feel like playing that old school game again...

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@Mogan: thanks i was considering purchasing, but knew what you said is the likely outcome.