First Dying Light 2 AMA Reveals Handmade Guns And More

Players will be able to make their own ranged weapons as they shape the future of the city in Dying Light 2


The first Dying Light 2 AMA from developer Techland has led to answers to some big questions about the upcoming zombie-parkour hybrid. The AMA, led by Dying Light 2 lead game designer Tymon Smektała, touched on multiple subjects including handmade weapons, the game's new volatiles, and the importance of different decisions players would make.

Unlike the first entry in the franchise, Dying Light 2 will largely exclude firearms from player's arsenals. Late in Dying Light 1, players could find guns like pistols and rifles across the game's city. However, the sequel will change that radically. "So… There are no firearms in the world of Dying Light 2," Smektała said. "Why? Because it's a world war, the civilization is destroyed. It's gone, so actually no one is able to create like… professional firearms."

Even though players won't have access to M16s or Colt 45s, guns will still be present in the game. Players will be able to make their own eventually, with Smektała offering the example of a handmade shotgun. This weapon would be crafted with scavenged parts and go into the player's left hand, allowing them to use a melee weapon at the same time. However, since it's a handmade weapon, these shotguns would break very easily. Players will have other ranged weapon options, like "bows and something extra which fit [sic] more the modern type ages idea, the modern type ages concept."

Responding to a question about how many story-changing decisions players could make, Smektała instead answered by detailing the varying levels of choices present in Dying Light 2. The first, or top-level as Smektała describes it, belongs to the game's main story choices. These are the decisions players will make that affect the game's ending and how players get to that point. On the second level are a mix of main story and side quest decisions. These choices don't affect the game's ending, and instead usually "influence the world" according to Smektała. Finally, third-tier choices encompass the city alignment system, in which players make decisions that grant territory in the city to the game's various factions.

As it turns out, some of those decisions will also release new types of infected into the game world. Smektała revealed that Dying Light 2's new volatile shown during last month's developer update is a new type of infected being added to the game. It will only show up if players make the right (or wrong) decisions.

Today's AMA was the first of many according to last month's developer update, which also announced that the game is still planned for release this year. In February, Techland faced multiple accusations of being a toxic workplace environment due to its leadership. The game will be coming to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. So far, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game have not been announced.

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