First Dragon Quest Builders 2 Screenshots, Details Revealed

Take a look at Square Enix's new Minecraft-style RPG.


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Square Enix has shared some new information about Dragon Quest Builders 2, the sequel to its Minecraft-like Dragon Quest spin-off. On the game's newly launched Japanese website (via Siliconera), the publisher revealed new details and shared the first screenshots for the upcoming PS4 and Switch RPG.

Like the first title, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a building-centric sandbox RPG. Players assume the role of a Builder and must craft a variety of buildings and objects out of the materials they gather from the environment. This time, players can select either a male or female protagonist and assume the role of the ancestor of the legendary Builder who restored the world.

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Where the original Dragon Quest Builders tasked players with rebuilding Alefgard (the setting of the very first Dragon Quest), the upcoming game begins when players wash ashore on a deserted island, which is completely devoid of any inhabitants. Square Enix also revealed that Malroth, the final boss from Dragon Quest II, will play a prominent role in the story and is even mentioned in the game's Japanese subtitle.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 was first announced last summer, during the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 event. It is in development for Nintendo Switch and PS4 and boasts a number of improvements over the original game. Most notably, player will be able to swim and collect resources underwater in this adventure, and the game supports multiplayer for up to four players.

The first Dragon Quest Builders originally launched for PS4 and Vita in 2016. The game was also released for Switch back in February. We called it a "strong match for the Nintendo platform" in our Dragon Quest Builders review and said the new Switch-exclusive features "adds another layer of endearment to a game already brimming with charm."

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Avatar image for fringeq

I might eat crow later, but the mention of "A desolate Vacant Island" as the main setting, while involving "Dragon Quest 2's God of Destruction" give me the feeling that this time around it might actually be a mix of "mission based" but with constant progression.

The feeling I get is the "god of destruction" will have destroyed everything.... but taking a page from Dragon Quest 7, you might actually end up being tasked with restoring the world itself, using the Vacant Island as your homebase. The "abandoned stone templed" remind me of the same temple of restoration that was housed on the "lone island in the world" of Dragon Quest 7 that kicked this game's plot of "restoring the rest of the world". Wouldn't be surprised if they involved similar time travel portals/etc like DQ7 did.

So basically it would be as if "Terra Incognita" was your homebase during the main game in Builders 1, and you travelled back and forth from it to "new chapters/missions" without losing progression.

With the island setting, the use of the classic sprite-based of the old game as your minimap and the ability to swim in the game... I wouldn't be surprised if they also revealed sea travel was even supported.

Perhaps what might happen this time around would be a mix of having your homebase/capital on the Vacant Island, and building "settlements"/etc in the more traditional Builders fashion on the other lands. It would be funny though if there could thus be interactivity between settlements such as bringing back merchants/etc though I doubt it.

Even then, it sounds like the Vacant Island will be a pretty big location so, even if the entire game was set on it... it might still be worth it.

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I wonder if it's still mission based or if it'll take more of a continuous map approach, so I can focus on my cool buildings getting cooler as the story progresses.

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First game was amazing, hope the world is connected this time.

Avatar image for oKiRe

multiplayer? yes!

Avatar image for snugglebear

Like that little mini-map. Nice touch.