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First details: Die Hard GameCube

Fox Interactive and Vivendi Universal Publishing's GameCube game will be a first-person shooter. Read the first details on the game and other titles such as COPS and the No One Lives Forever sequel.


GameSpot has learned that Die Hard for the Nintendo GameCube will be in the first-person shooter genre. Although the game is based on the universe created in the Die Hard films, its story takes place well after the time period of the movies themselves, Phillip O'Neil, senior vice president of sales at Vivendi Universal, told GameSpot in an interview. In the game, John McClane has long since retired and is living in Los Angeles. At the game's onset, his daughter graduates from the police academy, and during her very first case, she comes face-to-face with Hans Gruber's son. Of course, Gruber was the main antagonist in the original Die Hard movie. His son has returned to LA to avenge his father's death, and it is up to John McClane and his daughter to fight side-by-side to restore peace.

The game will be focused primarily on a story-driven single-player adventure. Die Hard will have at least 12 levels of gameplay and will feature a so-called hero mode, specific details on which were not discussed. According to O'Neil, the game will implement advanced visual effects and will have sequences that feature a visual style similar to that of The Matrix films.

Additionally, O'Neil discussed specific details on the other games involved in the copublishing deal announced today between Fox Interactive and Vivendi Universal Publishing. The COPS title will be focused primarily on the single-player mode, but the game's developer is looking into the possibility of implementing multiplayer options. In the game, players will assume the role of one of five police officers, each with various degrees of on-the-job experience. There will be nine missions per character, for a total of 45 missions. Interestingly, the developer plans to implement the ability to use lethal or nonlethal force. For example, players can talk their way out of situations by getting the perpetrators to surrender, or they can choose to be more aggressive and go into the same situation with guns blasting. The outcome of the game and the NPC reactions will depend on the player's choices.

Finally, the upcoming sequel to No One Lives Forever, which will be released exclusively for the Microsoft Xbox and the PC, will bring Kate Archer back as the lead character. The game will feature a story-driven single-player mode and multiplayer gameplay modes for up to 16 players, though the developer is also considering supporting up to 32 players in the multiplayer mode. The sequel will have more than 60 levels of gameplay and will once again share its look and feel with '60s spy shows and films.

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