First DC Universe Online content update drops late Feb.

Free first add-on will add Catwoman missions, Valentine's day content to SOE's superhero MMORPG; game shortages easing, PS3 version more popular.

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DC Universe Online hasn't even been out for a month yet, but Sony Online Entertainment has already announced plans for its first major content update. The publisher revealed today the superhero massively multiplayer online role-playing game will receive its first game update in late February and a bevy of new missions and items will be included.

The first of what DCUO game director Chris Cao said would be "monthly" updates will see the addition of an episode centered on Catwoman. Players will be able to chase the villainess across Gotham City's rooftops, as well as foil her heist of Egyptian artifacts from the Gotham Museum and engage in five boss battles. Catwoman will also be a playable character in the Legends player-versus-player mode, which lets users duke it out with one another as iconic characters. The pack will also include ancient Mayan armor for a player's wardrobe.

The next DCUO update will be packed with feline foes.
The next DCUO update will be packed with feline foes.

In addition to the Catwoman episode, the update will feature a seasonal update for Valentine's Day. The update will concern the aftermath of a battle between Wonder Woman and Circe, which has upset the goddess of love. As a result, fountains have popped up around the MMORPG's two cities--Gotham and Metropolis--which allow players to enter them and become cherubs. Once inside the cherub realm, players can engage in PVP battles to dunk the other team in fountains, as well as earn hearts by engaging in a variety of activities, including shooting civilians with love arrows. A boss battle with the goddess of love is also included.

Additional content included in the update includes a two-player fight against the villain Bane; a new PVP zone in Gotham; an eight-player raid zone added to the batcave; and a new broker functionality, which will let players swap gear with each other.

Speaking with GameSpot, Cao declined to comment on sales of DC Universe Online but said that the shortages of the game reported by SOE CEO John Smedley had been largely addressed. He said that the shortages had mainly been confined to the PlayStation 3 version of the game, which is proving more popular than the PC version by about 55 to 45 percent. PC players, however, tend to play the game longer.

Cao also said that for the moment, there are no plans to raise the level cap in the game, which currently stands at 30. However, he did say SOE was increasing the server cap on most servers, as well as adding new servers to accommodate increasing demand.

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