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First Clip From The Boys Season 4 Is A Family Reunion With A Smash Mouth Connection

Get a first look at Season 4.


Prime Video has released the first clip from The Boys Season 4 ahead of its official debut next week, and it's a family reunion of sorts. This clip has spoilers for the previous seasons of the show, so only read on if you're caught up or don't care.

In the clip, we see Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) reuniting with Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), his late wife's son and the progeny of Homelander (Antony Starr). It's a tense sequence in which Billy urges Ryan to abandon Homelander and come with him to safety.

Homelander then enters the scene and informs Ryan of Billy's condition and that he doesn't have much longer to live. Ryan eventually opts to leave with Homelander, though he doesn't seem entirely happy about it. But he goes anyway, in part because Homelander has to get to a Smash Mouth concert. Here's the clip:

The Boys Season 4 debuts June 13 on Prime Video, and the first three episodes will arrive that day. The remaining five episodes premiere Thursdays until Season 4 wraps on July 18.

Season 5 has already been announced, and the show's creator, Erik Kripke, has also discussed extending it beyond that, while also assuring fans they will get a final showdown between Billy and Homelander.

"You can't build a show that's about these two forces of Homelander and Butcher slowly closing in on each other without bringing that to a head," Kripke. "Whenever that last episode occurs, I know what happens."

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