First Civilization 6 Expansion, Rise And Fall, Revealed

Oceans rise, empires fall.

Publisher 2K has revealed the first expansion for Civilization VI, called Rise and Fall. The expansion adds eight civilizations and nine new leaders, along with a variety of new systems to further bolster the turn-based strategy game.

In addition to the new civilizations, Rise and Fall adds eight new world wonders as well as new units, districts, buildings, and improvements. It also expands the Government and Diplomacy systems, allowing you to form new types of partnerships with other civs that can provide new bonuses. It also adds Great Ages and Governors, which are characters that can be hired to further customize a city.

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Rise and Fall introduces a number of features designed to level out the playing field in the later game, when it can be hard to catch up to the civilization in the lead. This includes a Loyalty system for cities and other adjustments. For more details, check our preview of Rise and Fall's new systems.

Civ 6: Rise and Fall launches for PC on February 8, 2018. A price has not yet been announced.

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