First Agatha Christie game dated

Murder-mystery game And Then There Were None will be released for PCs this fall.


The Adventure Company announced today that the first game in its Agatha Christie series will be titled And Then There Were None and will be released worldwide in the fall of 2005.

Taking its name from one of Christie's mystery novels, And Then There Were None puts 10 people--each with something to hide--in a mansion on Shipwreck Island. When their host fails to appear, they are cut off from the world, left to deal with one another and their shadowy pasts. Soon, the characters begin to die.

"And Then There Were None is one of the greatest mysteries of our time, and the perfect title to propel what is starting out to be an incredible series," said Richard Wah Kan, CEO of The Adventure Company. "It's a challenge to re-create such a masterful story, but we're confident the talented team at AWE Games will do both the novel and fans proud."

Although the PC game's story is based on the book, it introduces new plot twists, including an 11th character--the player, a boatman who brings the others to the islands before becoming trapped himself. To save the others' lives, he must unravel a series of mysteries.

"We are proud to be a part of presenting Agatha Christie's mysteries in a new medium," said Scott Nixon, producer for AWE Games. "Her writing and the adventure-game genre make a perfect match, one that stresses character interaction, development, and psychology."

And Then There Were None is being designed by Lee Sheldon, who worked with Sanctuary Woods on Ripley's Believe It or Not: Riddle of Master Lu and with SouthPeak Interactive on Dark Side of the Moon. It will carry a rating of "T" for Teen. GameSpot will provide further information on the game and series as we get it.

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