Firemonkeys announces Real Racing 3

Newly-formed EA mobile studio to create sequel of popular iPhone, iPad title; Real Racing 3 to include new licensed tracks and manufacturers.


EA announced today that its newly-formed Australian mobile studio Firemonkeys (the product of a merger between Firemint and IronMonkey) is working on a sequel to Firemint's popular iOS titles Real Racing and Real Racing 2.

Real Racing 2 is getting a sequel.
Real Racing 2 is getting a sequel.

Real Racing 3 will be released later this year and will incorporate a number of new features, including a 22-car grid, all-new licensed tracks, and cars from manufacturers including Porsche, Dodge, and Audi.

For the first time in the series, the game will also include a full line-up of real-world tracks, including Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Silverstone.

The rebranded Firemonkeys studio will be based in EA's Melbourne, Australia, office and will work on new intellectual property, in addition to Firemint's and IronMonkey's current products. These include Flight Control, Real Racing, and SPY Mouse (Firemint), along with Mass Effect Infiltrator, Dead Space for mobile, and The Sims FreePlay (IronMonkey).

For more on the Real Racing series, check out GameSpot's review of Real Racing.

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Played this game for over a year now. Spent more than my share of 'micro transactions' (whatever the heck that is) in real dollars. Been a loyal promoter of the game, but then a few weeks back, Firemonkeys changed the rules. There was a level that if you made it to, that you could actually accumulate enough gold to buy a top car or make a top upgrade...though still needed to play about an hour per 50 gold. Not an insignificant amount of time considering the car values I'm talking about are in the 400-900 gold coin range and upgrades in the hundreds.

Firemonkeys didn't like this new reality that THEY created and we played, so they cheated. Changed the rules in the middle of the game so it is now virtually impossible to get close to finishing the last few levels without spending hundreds of dollars in real money, or playing for hundreds of hours.

So, quit while you are ahead. Enjoy the game up to the point where you need to spend only gold coins on cars or upgrades and then ditch it. Time to move on. You'll never complete it, so don't bother. Firemonkeys doesn't care about their customers, so this customer for one will avoid anything produced by Firemonkeys. You've got my money, but not a penny more.

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I had hoped this would be about a horse racing game but no of course not.

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i was mildly interested when i read the headline, but i was mad when i started reading

make a separate site for telephone gaming, i dont care to hear about it, your wasting my time

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"popular iPhone, iPad title" .... last time i check real racing is available for android too :P

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uhhhhhhhhhhhh... You Smart phone gamers have fun with that. I'm about to start 5 laps at Tokyo Route 246 with my Nissan 370Z ;)

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Funny, I've actually played the second one. My iPhone 3G could barely handle it though, so I doubt I could even touch the third one :(

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@AuronAXE Maybe time to update you phone? just saying!

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From that screenshot, the graphics look quite good :)