Fire Pro Wrestling Returns to US

Agetec set to give long-running Japanese series its North American home-console debut later this year or early next.

This is not Andre the Giant, and he does not have a posse.
This is not Andre the Giant, and he does not have a posse.

Devoted gamers might be familiar with Spike's Fire Pro Wrestling series, a long-running franchise of Japanese releases for consoles that debuted on the PC Engine, the Japanese version of the TurboGrafx-16. While the series has fostered a devoted international fan base, it has only made it to domestic shores twice before, in a pair of Game Boy Advance games from now-defunct Bam Entertainment.

That's going to change, as Agetec sources have confirmed to GameSpot the authenticity of messages from earlier this week on the Fire Pro Club community fan site. Those messages, posted by Agetec localization producer Mark Johnson and picked up on by Insert Credit, say that the niche publisher has acquired the rights to Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the PlayStation 2, and is ready to release the game in North America later this year, or early next. The game is also set for a European release, though Johnson said the company not yet found a publisher in the region.

Later in the same thread, Johnson posted that this is not the first time Agetec has tried to import the Fire Pro series. The publisher had wanted to bring a previous PS2 entry--Fire Pro Wrestling Z--to the US, only to have Sony refuse to grant concept approval.

The Fire Pro Wrestling series is known for its reliance on 2D character sprites, as well as customization options that give players hundreds of options for a created wrestler's moves and appearances. Another trademark of the series is a roster of fictitious wrestlers (and more recently, mixed martial artists) divided into various federations, each with likenesses and styles suspiciously similar to those of actual pro wrestlers. Bam Entertainment addressed copyright issues by changing the appearances of the wrestlers in its pair of localized Fire Pro Wrestling games, but Agetec has not yet specified what it plans to do on that matter.

No price has been announced for the game, but Johnson said it will see release at a "very low" price point.

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Anybody that is a fan of wrestling games & doesnt give fire pro a try is missing out on a truely great gaming experience. if you ever play the SDvR games and say "I wish they would put ____ in the game!" whatever that _____ is for you , firepro probably has it. just go to youtube & check it out for yourself. dont get me wrong i still play SDvR on x360 because its purdy in HD. but i'll take firepro's gameplay & endless list of features over HD graphics anyday.

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all i need to know is when!!!

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Sweet chee-buh!!! Now is this a new game or just a port of the last game that the U.S. audience didn'e get? And if the GBA version included a roster of 200 wrestlers (with 4 alternate costumes) about how should I expect this roster to be?

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Uhm, whats the deal with everyone saying this game doesnt have real wrestlers?? This game not only has the most real wrestlers of any wrestling game out there, it has the best wrestlers in the world. Including alot of wrestlers who works for everyones ever so beloved WWE, RoH, and yes even TNA. Look at the roster before you start bashing it. Spike is the best developer of wrestling games that is around. If you truly love wrestling after you play either a Fire Pro or a King of Collosseum game you will never want to play SvR again, I didnt,

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Why only for the PS2?

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i do have a PS2, yeah. so i had the WWE games for it, so this is good news for Fire pro fans and wrestling games fans.

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh crap, I don't have a PS2!

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Nice, FPW's coming back.

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This is some good stuff!

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Better than smackdown for sure!

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Very low? $20 sounds good to be! :D WOOO! STYLIN AND PROFILIN! WOOO WOOOO!! hehehehe

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The only people that dont like fire pro,...have NEVER played fire pro. The 1st time I ever saw fire pro it was for the import saturn. My buddys were running an exploding electrified cage match! (Tell me where else you gonna see that?) Wcw vs Nwo was the game of the moment so Fire pro graphics had me biased against it from the start, but the depth, and the level of detail in this game has kept me as a fan for all these years. Please,...before u diss fire pro please play the snes "super fire pro x" This is the soul of the series, and you will see why,...this primitive game just wont die. Its the Ric Flair of wrestling games, shows its age,....its not exactly pretty,...and its hella predictable, but they both bring the fans out in droves, get a huge pop and are very amusing. How many companies have brought back our beloved fire pro? NET PLAY PLEASE!! ONLINE FEDERATIONS PLEASE!!!!

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I'm sure this game will be good, but there is no reason to knock SvsR....that game was born out of Token Redsuden, and while they haven't kept up with moving the game forward like they should, it is not really a button mashing will definitely be good to have more options either way.

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Why, they say? How about, because it plays WAY better than any WWE licensed wrestling game. How about, because instead of button-mashing your way to victory, they test you with on-the-spot timing, and give you more options in your arsenal. How about, because despite not having 3D graphics and licensed names, that you can still have 'dream' matches between countless stars, since most of them get recognized through the Fire Pro series. Are you that shallow that because the guy's name is JJJ, and not HHH, that you won't play it? Even if all of his moves are the same, and he looks like HHH? That just tells me how much gameplay really means to you....

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to unholy, WRONG! no one wants to play a game with a lousy fighting system. Unfortunately, too many idiots have bought the pseudo-deep SvRaw games, so these guys think they're making a good "wrestling game" . Names don't matter, gameplay does....and King of Colosseum/Fire Pro SMOKE these WWE games, period.

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Can we get a Giant Gram game next? I always heard those were good...

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Unholy_Smite, just because a game has licenced properties doesn't make it a good game. Most of the time, too much money is spent on a license and not enough on development. There are too many games to list that have a great license but turn out to be crap.

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Oh, and nobody is going to want to play a game with WWE and TNA wannabes. They will be just cheap ripoffs and most will se thru it, they should have gotten the rights to use the real names and pay the E and TNA...Heck, you may not have to pay them much as both companies don't own the rights to all their names....Hulk Hogan owns his own name, as does people like Sting and Christian Cage, some wrestlers own the rights to their own gimmicks, and why not ask them for the permission to use them instead of names like Triple J?

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death_burnout that is called a look a like...It is no different from Dustin Rhodes platinum character, it was supposed to be a goldust look a like or something similar without being him.. Nobody makes pixel based games anymore, thats is a FACT!

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uhm Why?

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That's some awesome news. The only time I've been able to play a Firepro game is through SNES Emulators. X-Premium was great and I can't wait for this one to be released.

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Man,this makes me nostalgic for my Dreamcast and Fire Pro D.

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Is that picture from actual in-game screenshots ... wow ... now that really retro !!! :D

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To samdonni: "Don't judge a book by it's cover"

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one word sum this up OOOOOOOHHHHHH HHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLL YYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!its about time we get a game that aint based on the wwe.i still own fpw for my original playstation and that game was fun now finally we get another one at a low price im already sold now all agetec has to do is get some more games over here and we will be set. people we need to buy this game like there is no tomorrow only then will we get more of these imports over here on shelves man i cant wait for this game to come out

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Terrific game. I can't wait for this to come out.

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I love the Fire Pro series. I hope they make a version for XBLA. it would also be nice if people could dowload custom rosters and new move updates like Fire Pro D.

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I am so pumped for this game. I have it for the GBA and almost imported a Japanese PS2 just to play the Fire Pro series. It may not look like much, but it is a deep, intelligent, infinitely customizable game. If you like wrestling, and you don't buy this game then you need to reconsider how much of a fan you really are.

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These games are known for outstanding gameplay above all else. Don't be too quick to judge and write these off. They may take a step back on graphics vs. WWE titles or what not, but believe me: If they live up to their own precedent and form, you're looking at some of the best wrestling game fun out there. This is a great series.

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wtf? That looks absolutely crap. Just buy the WWE games instead. Way more fun!

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Great, more games for the PS2. 8)

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unholy_smite, i dont see how is should matter, they are intended to be the wrestler, and they look absolutely spot on to their real life counterparts, its simple lawsuit evasion as for that narrow minded pixel stab you gave, thats a different situation

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buffdaddy what did I say? Did you miss my Stan Tustin comment? And calling a wrestler Triple J?...Yep, like it or not that is a look a like. Someone meant to look and act like the real wrestler but isn't actually him. Also I doubt it's called the pedigree because that maybe copyrighted by the WWE too, they sue everybody so the makers of this game will get sued to. WWE just contested ESPN's trademarking of Judgement Day..So I can see the E throwing a fit about this game.

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"buffdaddy69 there ARE NO WWE OR TNA wrestlers in this game, just look alikes. They can't put the wrestlers in there because they are copyrighted by WWE and TNA and this game doesn't have the rights to use them. It will be look a likes called Stan Tustin or something like that. But SVR is awesome, I love the GM mode and hope they improve it, I hope the Wii doesn't hold it back, the last one was AAAA for me. As for this game, isn't this game pixel based? Do any systems other than the PS2 even have pixels anymore?" actually there are WWE and TNA wrestlers in this game. They give them different names in order to avoid lawsuits by each respected company. theres a wrestler named Triple J who looks like Triple H and his finsihing move? My god, its the PEDIGREE. they aint look alikes, its the wretslers from all thefeds, just different names for the american federatios like WWE, TNA, and even WCW. the fed thats named FREE is a mix of ROH,ECW, and independent feds in japan.

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nice, great game, must buy for sure

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Nothing like oily men huggin' eachother.. :P

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buffdaddy69 there ARE NO WWE OR TNA wrestlers in this game, just look alikes. They can't put the wrestlers in there because they are copyrighted by WWE and TNA and this game doesn't have the rights to use them. It will be look a likes called Stan Tustin or something like that. But SVR is awesome, I love the GM mode and hope they improve it, I hope the Wii doesn't hold it back, the last one was AAAA for me. As for this game, isn't this game pixel based? Do any systems other than the PS2 even have pixels anymore?

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YES!!! I owned the one on gameboy advance and loved it...this should be great....Finally a wrestling game that is not WWE inspired....This is one to watch....They have the japanese death matches in the game boy version with electric fences and exploding barrels...does the WWE have that ...I think not.

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I love the Fire Pro series. Fire Pro D for the Dreamcast was the last one I played, but it was great. I'll definitely be buying this.

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Wrestling games... yuck..

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If you have never played the GBA one they were pretty cool games! You could customize the wrestlers to look like any body and have the same moves as the pro's. You could recreate anyone from Triple H too old schoolers like Hulk Hogan or the Ultimate Warrior...this is sweet!

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Sony has to "grant concept approval"?! That's pretty dumb. Regardless of that, this sounds like an interesting wrestling game. And I sure as hell hope we get another Super Robot Taisen game here in the states!

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I still have imported PS1 Fire Pro Wrestling game.

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Horray, now how about announcing FPW games for something OTHER than Sony's consoles?

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nintendokid This game isn't going to change the American market nor is it going to be commercially successful, given the fact that by the end of this year, you just gotta realize that the PS2 is done and over with. Agetec has always been a niche publisher and they give the sector of avid gamers what they want. This is one of the few last remaining bangs of the fireworks show known as "PS2". Yeah, that's why PS2 has nearly 40-50 games out this year AMIRITE?

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Yeah, the gameplay relies on timing, but with the quality of internet connections and the lack of strain the 2D will put on the connection, I can't see it being too much of a problem.

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Like Super Robot Taisen, Fire Pro has always had me intrigued but I have no idea what game to start with, suggestions please? :)