Fire Pro Wrestling date pinned down

Japanese wrestling series set to make North American PS2 debut with a budget-priced release November 13.


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SIDEBAR: Declaring that Fire Pro Wrestling Returns on the PlayStation 2 will be a "bargain powerbomb," Agetec today announced that the game is set for a North American release on November 13 with a retail price of $14.99.

Developed by Spike, the Fire Pro Wrestling series is known for its reliance on 2D character sprites, as well as customization options that give players hundreds of choices for a created wrestler's moves and appearance. The game also includes a wealth of matches, from battle royales to barbed-wire, exploding-ring deathmatches.

The Fire Pro Wrestling series has previously made it to US shores twice, with a pair of Game Boy Advance installments localized by Bam! Entertainment. Like those games, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns is rated T for Teen.

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