Fire Emblem Warriors Reveals Four New Characters And European Release Date

The warring families from Fire Emblem Fates join forces.

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Now Playing: Fire Emblem Warriors - Gamescom 2017 Character Trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors, the upcoming Dynasty Warriors-style spinoff for Switch and New 3DS. This video showcases heroes from last year's 3DS game, Fire Emblem Fates, and introduces four new characters who'll be playable in the hack-and-slash title.

Just as in Fates, Corrin finds herself torn between the royal families of Nohr and Hoshido in Fire Emblem Warriors. However, when the two sides mysteriously appear in an unfamiliar kingdom, they broker a temporary truce in order to stop the Chaos Dragon threatening the world. Nintendo had already confirmed that the heads of each family, Xander and Ryoma, would appear in Warriors. Now, the new trailer reveals that they'll be joined by Leo and Camilla, Corrin's adoptive siblings from Nohr, and Hinoka and Takumi, her blood relatives from Hoshido.

Koei Tecmo says Fire Emblem Warriors features more playable characters than the first installment of any Warriors-style collaboration. The game's roster is taken primarily from three Fire Emblem titles: Awakening, Fates, and Shadow Dragon. Ahead of Japan Expo last month, Nintendo released a trailer that showcased several characters from Fire Emblem Awakening, including Frederick, Lissa, and Lucina. The pegasus knight Cordelia and the female Robin were also recently announced.

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Nintendo still hasn't announced a concrete US release date for Fire Emblem Warriors, but the game launches for Switch and New 3DS in Europe on October 20. Fans in the region will be able to pick up a limited-edition version that includes character cards and a three-disc soundtrack.

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