Fire Emblem Heroes Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Heroes From The 1990 Original

The Fire Emblem mobile spin-off is taking it back to the beginning with its new batch of characters, to celebrate a significant milestone for the series.


Fire Emblem is celebrating its 30th anniversary, as Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light released in Japan on April 20, 1990. The game, which was eventually remade for the Nintendo DS, introduced series hero Marth, alongside numerous other characters who have not been as prominent in the series going forward. Now, to celebrate 30 years of Fire Emblem, several characters from that game are being added to mobile spin-off Fire Emblem Heroes.

The first character coming is actually the villain of that first Fire Emblem, Gharnef. He was the one who wanted to hatch the Shadow Dragon in the original, which would have allowed him to rule the world. He'll be able to use his Dark Pontifex power in-game.

Linde, who inherited the tome of Aura and was on a quest for vengeance, has received a radical redesign for Fire Emblem Heroes, where she'll be able to use her Light Mage ability. Similarly, Abel has lost his buck tooth from the original design, and his horse has changed from white to brown, but he hopefully he's as loyal as he was in Shadow Dragon.

Fire Emblem Heroes recently added a subscription pass, so heavy users could get monthly benefits. The game has accounted for the majority of Nintendo's earnings from mobile titles, so it's fair to say that it's a huge success.

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