Fire Emblem Fates Sells 300,000 Copies at Launch, Breaking Records

Birthright and Conquest sold five times more copies at launch than Fire Emblem Awakening did in 2013.


Fire Emblem Fates sold more than 300,000 copies across its Birthright and Conquest versions during its first weekend, breaking Fire Emblem franchise records. Fates is now the fastest-selling entry in the series of all time in the United States, selling five times more copies than 2013's Fire Emblem Awakening during its first three days after launch, Nintendo announced.

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Nintendo of America marketing executive Scott Moffitt said the game's early sales numbers "prove the game's undeniable appeal."

Birthright was the top-seller of the two, though Conquest, which Nintendo described as a "more challenging" game, came in "close behind."

Sales are likely to grow further still, as players who bought Birthright but want to check out the story for Conquest, or the other way around, may end up buying the other version. Birthright and Conquest sell for $40 each, but if you already own one of them, you can buy the other as DLC for $20.

Nintendo stands to make more money from Fates beyond game sales alone. While the first DLC map launched for free alongside the game on February 19, additional paid maps will be released through the end of April. You can buy them all together through Map Pack 1, which costs $18 and delivers 11 maps in total. Purchased individually, you'd pay more than $24, Nintendo said.

In addition to DLC maps, a third story called Revelation will launch on March 10 for $20. You need to own Birthright or Conquest to have access to the new story. It provides new details on characters and events from Birthright and Conquest.

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Birthright -- 8/10

Conquest -- 7/10

Revelation -- 9/10

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