Fire Emblem Engage Revealed For Nintendo Switch, Releases In January

A new Fire Emblem is on the way, featuring the ability to summon heroes of old.


During today's Nintendo Direct, a brand-new entry in the Fire Emblem franchise was revealed: Fire Emblem Engage, which is set to launch January 20, 2023 on Nintendo Switch.

The game is set in a new region called Elyos, with a story that follows a war against the Fell Dragon, an evil beast that was thwarted by the joint efforts of four kingdoms. Players will assume the role of the Divine Dragon, who must reunite the land in order to repel the Fell Dragon's return.

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Fire Emblem Engage retains the turn-based strategy elements of previous Fire Emblem games, where players engage with enemy forces on a grid-based battlefield using melee and ranged units. The game will offer "rich strategies and robust customization" during each battle, including a new mechanic called Emblem Rings. Throughout the adventure players will collect the rings, which are items needed to summon heroes from Fire Emblem's past. Marth and Sigurd are two examples of heroes that can be summoned in the trailer.

Along with past heroes, Engage will also feature new heroes that can be customized before each battle, allowing players to create their armies however they wish.

Fire Emblem Engage is a brand-new entry in the Fire Emblem franchise, following 2019's Fire Emblem: Three Houses in the core Fire Emblem franchise. It also follows Fire Emblem Warriors, a third-person hack-and-slash spin-off game that launches two years later. Fire Emblem Engage will come exclusive to Nintendo Switch on January 20.

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