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Fire Emblem Engage - Nation Donation Explained

Defeating the Fell Dragon will require the assistance of every nation in Elyos.


Fire Emblem Engage has finally arrived, letting you take on the role of the Divine Dragon in your quest to defeat the Fell Dragon and save the continent of Elyos. As you explore the different nations of Elyos, you will have the opportunity to donate some of your hard earned gold in exchange for better rewards on the battlefield when in that nation's territory. While the cost might be steep, the rewards are necessary if you want to be successful in battle. Here's everything you need to know about the Nation Donations system in Fire Emblem Engage.

Big spending for increased rewards

While the Nation Donation upgrades are expensive, they drastically increase the amount of materials found in the region.
While the Nation Donation upgrades are expensive, they drastically increase the amount of materials found in the region.

The Nation Donations menu can be found at the bulletin board in the Café Terrace at your home base of Somniel. Once you have access to a battle that takes place within a country's territory, you gain the ability to donate to their country. These donations are quite expensive, starting at 5,000 Gold, but quickly reaching 10,000, 25,000, and even 50,000 before you will reach the next level. Considering there are four nations you can donate to, this can become costly very quickly, requiring you to grind for Gold, but the rewards are necessary.

The rewards you receive come in two parts. The first are the instant rewards, which change from level to level. These rewards consist of a collection of ingredients and materials specific to that nation, along with clothing options, occasionally weapons, but these aren't the important rewards.

The important rewards are gained after completing a battle in the nation you donated to. With each increase in donation level, the quantity of materials you can collect post-battle increases significantly. The amount of materials found can be doubled or tripled within a few donation levels, with the most important materials related to weapon upgrades.

Most of the nations contain Iron, Steel, and Silver, which are required to upgrade your weapons at the blacksmith. Upgrading weapons provides a big boost, providing you with an advantage on the battlefield. The amount of these materials you find is fairly limited, so upgrading your donation levels are necessary for keeping your army well equipped.

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