Fire Emblem 3DS headed to US

E3 2012: Nintendo confirms tactical RPG coming to 3DS systems in the US.


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LOS ANGELES--Despite holding three separate press conferences during this year's E3 (and one just before it), Nintendo chose to use Twitter to reveal that the 3DS title Fire Emblem: Awakening will be getting a US release.

Turn-based combat returns in the latest Fire Emblem.
Turn-based combat returns in the latest Fire Emblem.

The latest Fire Emblem title, already released in Japan in April this year, focuses on the prince of the kingdom of Iris and his companions as they deal with the state of war in the game's narrative.

Highlights in the game include the ability to have nearby allies tag-team attack enemies on the battlefield, new classes like the Grandmaster and Griffon Knight, and the option to play the game in casual mode where permanent death is removed. The game also features paid downloadable content, including maps, new episodes, and units from previous games in the series.

Upon launch, Fire Emblem: Awakening (titled Fire Emblem: Kakusei in Japan) sold 242,600 units on the 3DS.

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Man, I hate the idea of casual mode. I love perma death, and the temptation to play casual might be too great. I dunno. I would hope that casual mode will hold some things back from the full experience, like maybe certain characters are unavailable in casual mode, giving incentive to stick with the more difficult perma death mode.Anyway, I'm so happy this game got a US release. :) FE and AW are two of my absolute favorite franchises of all time!BTW, for fans of the genre, definitely check out Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, A highly under-appreciated game from the 3DS's launch line-up in the vein of FE.

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word is there will be over 100 playable characters and i also know that characters can get married and have children. you can also make your own character

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I don't know. The whole casual mode thing is killing it for me. I mean I'm still getting the game. One of the best things about the game for me was the fact that you knew your characters could die, forcing you to come up with strategies. It added to the game imo.

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@Kaioten its something you can select, you dont have to pick casual, you can do classicl

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@Kaioten The casual setting is just optional. You can still play the old way.

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Like that casual mode feature, but not so much for paying for downloadable content

Avatar image for Autony

I almost gave up thinking it would never come, I'm glad it's officially coming to the US!

Avatar image for rey2

Waiting patiently for this. Already the most anticipated 3DS title for me.

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I wonder if they will bring over the special edition of the 3DS as well. If they do, it's definitely a Day 1 buy for me

Avatar image for Leon_Kennedy9

@OLightbringerO do you mean the XL DS or the blue ds with all the fire emblem markings on it?

Avatar image for OLightbringerO

@Leon_Kennedy9 The one with the special markings. I doubt they will, but I can dream.

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And the European release date is...


Anytime, Nintendo. Seriously, when you're ready. No rush.

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That's such a good news... i mean, i've read that they were planning to release it in Europe, but not in the US... i felt that it was quite strange, because the US playerbase was strong enough to get a release, at least as strong as Europe's one... so congrats, US FE fellas, and let's wait and drool for a release date... :P

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Crap. Now I'm going to have to get a 3DS. Here is hoping the redesigned 3DS comes out before I break down and buy this game.

Avatar image for -mostwanted

@raahsnavj I doubt they will have a redesign any time soon, plus that 3DS Circle Pad Pro thing is crap and unnecessary and barely only a few games that use it. They should just put the current circle pad on the 3DS onto the right no need for two.

I hope it comes out this year, god I hope.

Avatar image for raahsnavj

@-mostwanted With nintendo there is always a redesign.

Avatar image for Eezyville

Well alright! Now where is Smash Bros, Advanced Wars, and Animal Crossing

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The reason Nintendo is hurting is BECAUSE of exclusives. Nintendo, bring it to the PSP for $$.

Avatar image for Chico_Azteca

@emperiox please, see me after class so you can think about what you just wrote

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NICEE!!!!!!! Fire Emblem never comes to the U.S, I have no idea why its such an awesome series!

Avatar image for guitardeth3

@Vickman178 I wouldn't use the word never. We've only missed one fire emblem game since 2003.

Avatar image for Leon_Kennedy9

@guitardeth3 but there were multiple ones that we missed pre-2000 such as gaiden which was apparently very popular

Avatar image for leeko_link

@guitardeth3 Considering it was just another remake of an FE game which we probable won't care about, I say we didn't missed a thing.

Avatar image for Land-0-Funk

That's a system seller for me.

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Avatar image for Valen_Ca

Now how about a WiiU game that actually takes advantage of the hardware unlike the Wii entry in the series. Still a good game on the Wii though but why you couldn't use the pointer to select your units was weird.

Avatar image for leeko_link

Awesome I might get this game after I finish with Kid Icarus: Uprising and Resident Evil Revelation.

Avatar image for tightwad34

I was intrigued when I clicked on the article, but after reading how enthusiastic you guys are for it, I am real interested now. Word of mouth can be a great way to get the popularity up.

Avatar image for darkimposter

In the words of Daniel Bryan:


Avatar image for Takeno456

Hell yeah!

Avatar image for Eduspcloud

Yess!! One of the best Fire Emblem!!

Avatar image for craigprime


Avatar image for UnwantedSpam

Yet another game from E3 that will be added to my "put down my pants" list.

Avatar image for -mostwanted


Avatar image for Link_86

Figured it'd come to the US, but when is the only question. Come on Nintendo, quit being dumb, give us the details. You held out at E3, no ESRP for the Wii U, no release date, and now no release date for this game.

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Never played FE, but I do like a good Turn-base Strategy game, so I might check it out.

Avatar image for -mostwanted

@ToTs_00 Definitely check it out, the GBA FE series I feel is still a great turn base game thats hella lot of fun!

Avatar image for JoeUUGGHH

@ToTs_00 You've missed out

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Great news.

It is my all time favorite series.

Though I am a little conflicted with them beginning to travel down the path of pandering to casuals.Do you remain faithful to your vision even if it means lower sales but pleasing your ever faithful fanbaseORDo you make the game open to people with 'lesser abilities' and try to increase sales even if it causes you to lose some of said ever faithful fanbase (note: that 'casual' success is by no means guaranteed, and you might end up with no fans)....a difficult question to answer for any company.

I know they have not gone full casual yet, but even starting on the path is a bit troubling for me as we all know where it leads

Avatar image for darkimposter

@rawsavon Eh, that really depends. My first FE game I played I was ten. I didn't know what Tactic I don't think it's a bad thing to get new fans, as long as other guys can just skip straight to normal mode, instead of being forced like in Lyn's story. I mean new system the game might become the hardest yet, so let's just cross our fingers on it.

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another 3DS title i've been hyping has been confirmed :D

Avatar image for Sigil-otaku

Hopefully it won't take too long to come to the UK and Europe then, I love Fire Emblem.

Avatar image for Zignoff

As long as they removed all time stupid perma death mechanic, I MIGHT be interested in it.

Avatar image for Meelkud

@Zignoff I think permadeath is part of the game... and as a fan of the series, i'm glad that they didn't just erase it from the whole game... however, to add more playerbase and be respectuous and kind with the people who will start their experience on the series with this game, they added the mode without it... so it's a win-win situation, no one has to complain about it... and you SHOULD be interested in it, it's looking pretty awesome... :P

Avatar image for raahsnavj

@Zignoff I agree. Perma-death was really just an inconvenient hard reset for me. I can't let anyone die in this game so I just reset and start the level over. They don't do anything but hurt my ability to play the game with the feature on.

Avatar image for DrLobotomy

@Zignoff I didn't mind Permadeath, it rewarded you for being smart and it was satisfying to get through the game with everyone alive. But then Shadow Dragon came out... and the only way to get the extra, hidden chapters was to kill off 90% of the characters who joined you. Some entire chapters you had to spend stripping equipment off new guys and charging them into the enemy line to get rid of them then the 15 powerhouse characters you kept would slaughter everything with no effort.

Avatar image for JoeUUGGHH

@Zignoff Yes, a new mode for people that lack tact and patience

Avatar image for YoBrandino

@Zignoff Fortunately they messed up and chose to catrer soley to your kind. Permadeath is part of this series and is quite impactful. But I guess you can be happy that they are at least adding a mode without it. But I will certainly play with it!

Avatar image for TheTrueMagusX1

@Zignoff There is a casual mode with no permadeath in this new game. But personally I like Permadeath, cause I like games that donot hold my hands for me.

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