Fire Emblem 3DS headed to US

E3 2012: Nintendo confirms tactical RPG coming to 3DS systems in the US.


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LOS ANGELES--Despite holding three separate press conferences during this year's E3 (and one just before it), Nintendo chose to use Twitter to reveal that the 3DS title Fire Emblem: Awakening will be getting a US release.

Turn-based combat returns in the latest Fire Emblem.
Turn-based combat returns in the latest Fire Emblem.

The latest Fire Emblem title, already released in Japan in April this year, focuses on the prince of the kingdom of Iris and his companions as they deal with the state of war in the game's narrative.

Highlights in the game include the ability to have nearby allies tag-team attack enemies on the battlefield, new classes like the Grandmaster and Griffon Knight, and the option to play the game in casual mode where permanent death is removed. The game also features paid downloadable content, including maps, new episodes, and units from previous games in the series.

Upon launch, Fire Emblem: Awakening (titled Fire Emblem: Kakusei in Japan) sold 242,600 units on the 3DS.

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well, its official, Im getting a 3ds now

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Hooray! Now all we need is a release date! :D

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