Firaxis teases new project

Civilization studio shows teaser trailer for "big" project that won't be discussed for "a while."


BOSTON--Civilization V and XCOM: Enemy Unknown developer Firaxis Games today teased its next major project.

Before debuting a teaser trailer for the game during a PAX East panel today, designer Jake Solomon said, "It's big," noting that "we're not going to be able to talk about it for a while."

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The trailer showed a shadowy figure and featured voiceover saying the following: "Hello, Commander. The war continues at great cost. We now believe another force is at work against us. If not dealt with swiftly, it could destroy us. What we are able to tell you…" it went on, before fading out.

At this time, text on-screen appeared that read: "Signal Lost."

The teaser trailer was captured by Kotaku . No information about platforms or release date was provided. If an official version of the teaser trailer is made available, it will be embedded here.

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