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Finish Fortnite's Deadpool Challenges This Week To Remove His Mask

You can play with Deadpool's extremely scarred face by finishing this week's challenges.


Epic has been teasing a Deadpool skin in Fortnite since the launch of the latest season, and it recently became available by completing all of his weekly challenges. As a secret extra, battle pass owners can also unlock his unmasked look by completing this week's challenges.

Deadpool is famously scarred underneath his suit, due to complications with cancer when he was given his mutant healing ability. So the unmasked version of the character looks creepier than usual, thanks to a combination of his scars and otherworldly eyes. Other than that, he's still the same old merc with the mouth.

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To earn the unmasked look, you just need to complete the week 8 challenges. Those include finding Deadpool's floaty in Skye's locker and then get to the yacht and dance your heart out. Check out our full guide of all of Deadpool's weekly challenges.

Be sure to check out all of our challenge guides to get the most out of your battle pass. The current season, Chapter 2 Season 2, is expected to end in late April, so wring all you can out of it before it goes away.

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