Finally, You Can Pet The Dog In The Division 2's New Update

Give a good boy a good pet in The Division 2's Warlords of New York expansion for PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One.


The latest game to update with the highly sought after dog-petting feature is The Division 2, with the introduction of a cute pettable puppy in Warlords of New York's new hub space.

A number of high-profile games have added dog-petting mechanics in the last year, partially spurred by the popularity of Twitter profile Can You Pet The Dog (which recently launched a spin-off involving what's hiding behind waterfalls).

In a moment of serendipity, The Division 2's original lack of dog-petting was one of the reasons this account was started. The core game is littered with sad-looking stray dogs, but the player's only option to interact with them is to shoot them (which, hopefully, no one has ever done).

Almost a year on from the original Division 2 tweet, the game has come full circle with its stance on dog-petting. Not only do you get an adorable German Shepherd puppy to lavish affection on, but one of the early safe houses to be unlocked is a literal animal shelter.

Sadly, as Polygon has pointed out, there is still a lack of kitty-cuddles in the new animal-friendly DLC. Who's going to start the Can You Pet The Cat account and fight for head scratches for our feline friends?

Our review of the core game praised its post-apocalyptic Washington DC for its strength of environment and engrossing open world, and Warlords will hopefully provide players with a run-down New York that's just as fun to explore.

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