Finally: Sony Announces PlayStation Furniture

PlayStation-themed furniture finally exists.

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Sony has launched a new line of products, but it's probably not what you're expecting. Sony has partnered with PBTeen for a new, officially licensed line of PlayStation-themed furniture.

The "tasteful" collection includes decor and furniture that you can buy to spruce up your living room and give it more of a gaming vibe--if that's something you want to do. The line includes the following items:

  • Acrylic Cubby -- $70 USD
  • Icon Wall Light -- $200
  • Beanbag -- $250
  • Lounge Table -- $400
  • Gaming TV Media Console -- $1,100

PBTeen already offers decor and furniture collections themed around major brands such as Harry Potter and Star Wars, but it appears PlayStation is their first gaming brand. You can go to PBTeen's website to order any of the new PlayStation items now.

In other PlayStation news, Sony recently confirmed the full list of the 20 games on the new PlayStation Classic mini-console coming in December. What's more, Sony this week announced that total lifetime PS4 shipments have passed 86 million units.

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Avatar image for snugglebear

Cant wait to sleep on my Cot of War!

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

Holy Styrofoam beads, Batman. If someone is buying bean bags for $250, I'm in the wrong business.

Avatar image for xTETRODOTOXINx

@lionheartssj1: time to open a bean bag bodega

Avatar image for pongman75

Does FF7 come with this furniture? I bet xboxs furniture looks cool, but doesnt come with cushions. And this ps furniture looks like it only has room for small anime characters or a family of small Asians. PC furniture master race ftw. :D

Avatar image for pcps4xb

@pongman75: pc furniture? Computer chairs have been around for a while now.

Avatar image for pongman75

@pcps4xb: i know. I was trying to start a furniture war but it fizzled out

Avatar image for pcps4xb

@pongman75: oh sorry to ruin out lol

Avatar image for pongman75

Does FF7 come with this furniture? Or maybe a pull out bed in the couch so I can just sleep until it comes out? Think Ill pass on the furniture. Im saving my money for that new gaming catheter, so i dont have to get up and pee while gaming!

Avatar image for Peasly

Think I'll pass......

Avatar image for dashaka

Wow. Nope.

Avatar image for neurogia

It looks like Ikea.

Avatar image for itchyflop

@neurogia: except its got a sony price tag

Avatar image for pongman75

@neurogia: LOL. I got it...

Avatar image for DuoMaxwell007

My first thought was "Wtf Sony? You couldn't come up with a better console name than Playstation Furniture?"

Avatar image for lion2447

For those prices, I hope the console and the lounge table are all metal designs. Otherwise they are way overpriced (as opposed to being just overpriced.)

Avatar image for vakiva

$25 for a beanbag chair or $250 for a PlayStation (TM) Beanbag Chair. Now featuring automatic lewd censoring! Because we're Sony; we will not only censor your visual novels but also everything slightly titillating!

Avatar image for heqteur

@vakiva: Tell me where you can buy beanbag for 25$ and if they really are of quality because everything I've found below 99$ had incredibly bad durability and "beans" all ended up on my floor within 6 months

Avatar image for xTETRODOTOXINx


Avatar image for dlCHIEF58

@xTETRODOTOXINx: What is your problem? Have issues dealing with FACTS?

Avatar image for xTETRODOTOXINx

@dlCHIEF58: you have yet to present any so idk what youre going on about hahahahahaha

Avatar image for dlCHIEF58

@xTETRODOTOXINx: Haven't seen you produce anything to show where you can get a quality Bean Bag chair in the $25 range either. Challenge presented, can you live up to it?

FACT is any bean bag priced under $60 is pure crap or too small to be of use to an adult. Even those in that range are questionable, as he said you have to spend $100 to get one of any sort of quality...and I have shopped around so know what I am talking about child.

Avatar image for xTETRODOTOXINx

WAAAAAAHHHHHHH! so upset over nothing. You obviously DIDNT shop around at all since you have yet to find a decent bean bag for cheap. Here I'll help you out so you can stop crying already. Idk why youre giving me that nasty, know it all attitude youre the one that came at me like a triggered little b****.

Avatar image for Renunciation

I'm not buying the beanbag unless it has crossplay.

Avatar image for dlCHIEF58

@Renunciation: And backwards compatibility.

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

I’m holding out for PlayStation Classic furniture that will cause a bunch of people to complain how the line doesn’t include their favorite end table or armoir.

Avatar image for sakaixx

Bean Bag costing $250?? damn

Avatar image for pongman75

@sakaixx: the beans in the bean bag are premium nano "smart beads" that form to your bodys contours. Pre Order Today!

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

The image above has a cool decor design but steps up to your TV is so weird.

Avatar image for Archangel3371

Thanks but I’m good.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

This is for the players (who have more money than sense).

Avatar image for xTETRODOTOXINx

Get em at the low low price of an arm and a leg folks!!!

Avatar image for dlCHIEF58

@xTETRODOTOXINx: Or as SONY said prior to the launch of the PS3, get another job to afford this.

Avatar image for xTETRODOTOXINx

@dlCHIEF58: cite your sources mr.factual