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Finally, Hasbro Is Making A X-Men Sentinel Toy Worthy Of Receiving A Fast Ball Special

HasLab has a massive new project, giving the Sentinel robot the toy it deserves.


There is no greater threat to mutants in the world of X-Men comics than the Sentinel. This gigantic robot's main task is rounding up super-powered mutants in the Marvel Universe. Over the years, there have been plenty of Sentinel action figures, but none of them have truly captured the terrifying robots, until now.

HasLab, Hasbro's crowdfunding project for top-of-the-line toys, is taking the Sentinel and giving it the proper action figure it deserves. At SDCC 2019, we saw the gigantic Unicron figure, and now, HasLab is super-sizing the Sentinel, which stands at over 26 inches tall. Check out some of the photos of this monstrosity below.

Time to stop those mutant menaces
Time to stop those mutant menaces

Because this is a very oversized figure, it's going to come at a price. This Sentinel will cost you $350 USD, and HasLabs needs to hit its target of 6,000 pre-orders in order to produce them. The figure also comes with an 18-inch tentacle accessory, so you can entangle your favorite mutant, LEDs in the head and chest, and a 6-inch Bastion figure--with its alternate Sentinel Prime head.

The crowdfunding project begins on July 10 and will run until August 24. If HasLab reaches its order goal, Sentinels will begin shipping Fall 2021. Check out HasLab for more info.

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