Finalized 3DS photos leaked

[UPDATE] Chinese factory worker posts purported images of last hardware revision for Nintendo's 3D-capable handheld before shipping in Japan next month; video pulled.


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Mario Kart 7

On January 19, Nintendo will jump-start 2011 with an all-day event in which many believe the publisher will illuminate the remaining secrets surrounding its upcoming glasses-free 3D handheld, the 3DS. With such questions as a North American release date and price still outstanding, it appears as if a number of the 3DS's final specs have been preemptively revealed, courtesy of photos surreptitiously taken by an individual who claims to work in a 3DS manufacturing plant.

A look at the 3DS, fresh off the assembly line.
A look at the 3DS, fresh off the assembly line.

As reported by enthusiast blog, the images of the handheld device first appeared on a Japanese gaming forum, before being pulled by moderators. The photos show a "Cosmo Black" 3DS that strongly resembles the model Nintendo has been showing since the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the event Nintendo chose to formally unveil the device. However, as the gaming blog notes, Nintendo has slightly tweaked the hardware by flattening the Start, Home, and Select buttons to be flush with the device.

The factory worker also delivered a handful of previously unknown 3DS system specifications. Namely, the device will reportedly feature 96MB of RAM, as well as a 1,300mAh battery. The DS Lite included a 1,000mAh battery, while the DSi's battery clocked in at 840mAh.

In addition to the photos, the employee also posted a since-pulled YouTube video of the smuggled device, one that shows relative size differences between the 3DS, DSi, and DS Lite.

The 3DS is scheduled to arrive in Japan on February 26, costing ¥25,000 ($306), and before April in Europe and North America. A number of first- and third-party titles have already been announced for the handheld, including installments in the Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Metal Gear Solid, and Dragon Quest franchises. For more information, check out GameSpot's latest breakdown of the 3DS.

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    Actually,forget my comment below,I'm waiting 4-5 years for a price drop.It happened with the Wii!50$ price drop is awesome.

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    Agree with below.but 306$?!?The freaking Wii only costs 200,recently it was 250!And it has internet...Nintendo=Milk the cash cow every chance they get.Same with most other gaming companies.Suda51 said they wouldn't make No More Heroes 3...WTF?

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    No Super Mario World 3D, no deal...

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    I'm still thinking of getting it when it comes out. maybe not first day but maybe a month later or so later. personally i want some good games to go with it.

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    lmao. What will you need the RAM for? It's not like the game designers will make a game that the system can't handle.

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    Why are people denigrating the 3DS's supposed 96MB of RAM? The DS has 4MB and the Wii has 88...

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    @DrEvilKoala you are right i agree with you that just because its comming to the wii they shouldnt add motion controls.the controls not only feel forced like you put it they also just feel plain wrong.i enjoyed the motion controls onnew super mario bros wii.they were VERY simple yet kinda fun.

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    @xUmbrellaCo- He lives in China, how much worse could things get for him?

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    96MB of Ram? I have a field of sheep with more processing power than that.

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    96mb of ram? sorry, not good enough.

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    That chinese dude is in a big trouble xD

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    looking at how the 3d really is im not looking forward to buying this anymore (last year i was saving money up) i thought it was going 2 compete with actual hand held 3d systems not screen movement im just gonna save money and buy the last version then waste the rest on planned throw back games (Zelda OoT, mario ect.)

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    sulaymanqazi i read something online that said that the 3ds eye damage is a load of crap and its really the same as looking at a computer screen which is what your doing right now and your eyes are still fine

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    Well, there goes another Chinese factory worker committing suicide...

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    make in china again...dang it

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    Nintendo 3DS... day 1 purchase.

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    The price is higher then normal, but it does come with 2 camera, and one of them takes 3D pictures. I'm still hoping it's not $300 in the U.S. I still pre-ordered it anyways. If it's $250 it's going to sell like crazy. Whether I get it at launch or after a price drop, I'm still going to buy it eventually. No questions about that.

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    not sure if im going to get the 3DS or not. the screen i think would just be a bit too small i just got the ipad and love its nice screen! why coudnt they make the screen a bit bigger? :-(

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    Will you people stop throwing the list of 3DS games in our faces. We are aware of what is going to be released for it. However it is a little presumptuous to be touting how wonderful they are when you haven't even played them yet (keeping in mind I set up a little trap there) or read a review. Just relax and let's all wait and see what happens.

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    Did I just read 96 MB of RAM ??? Or was it a typo ??? Maybe they missed a 0 at the end !!!

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    Honestly I never hated the DSi games, I hated the online interface, and the download speeds, plus the lack of N class Wi-Fi support. Plus the graphics were way too out of date for me back then. 3DS on the other hand looks amazing with it's ingame shots we have seen, developers claim is has more power then the Wii platform, and Nintendo dose better support for their handheld then Sony dose with the PSP brand. I will be vary happy with this platform for sure. I mean the game list for launch is insane: StarFox64 Mario Kart 3DS Kid Icarus Uprising Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater The Legend of Zelda: Ocarian of Time remake Resident Evil: Revalations 3DS Paper Mario Those are just launch titles after launch we have the fallowing: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Remake Kingdom Hearts 3DS SuperStreet fighter 5 3D Animal Crossing The Sims 3 Kirby 3D MegaMan Legends 3D Dead or Alive Dementions Dragon Ball Naruto Shippuden Final Fantasy Sonic Donky Kong 3D I mean can this list get any better? Plus the multiplatform titles will look amazing now that Nintendo has increased the power of the MPU, and added a MGPU on top of it so that it's games can be built like on any PC....

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    Now everyone can wreck their kids eyes for only $300!! And hey, if they are blind they cant tell you had to sell your last pair of trousers to afford it. But seriously...At nearly $50-60 a game added on top. It's abit pricey in this age of recession isn't it?

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    Lmao... you can get a PS3 or 360 for cheaper.

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    New Paper Mario. NEW. PAPER. MARIO. Kid Icarus: Uprising The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time remade Resident Evil Mario Kart 3DS Star Fox 64 (they care about Star Fox after all!) Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney *nerdgasm* and so on and so on and so on Why worry about hardware when there's so many great games lined up to come? The games will carry this thing regardless of hardware. And there's even a handheld Virtual Console, for all those great handheld games the Wii VC doesn't have! Can this possibly get any better 8D

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    @CS19052 well that I did not know, thanks... So even if we put a camera in front of the 3DS we will not be able to see the effect ? Geez

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    @madmanjim The Nintendo ds is not a console and no ds model will ever outsell the ps1 or ps2!

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    ooooohhhhhh... shiny!

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    Waiting on Ocarina of Time... does anyone know a release date? I would also like Star Fox 64 for this.

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    Thank you, Chinese Worker!

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    I talked to some friends that work at Game Stop Store and they told me that it is a Awesome DS and that there is a button if you do not what the 3D. So I will be getting this one. I just hope they bring down the price for teenagers that depend on there parents for the money.

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    I don't really like nintendo handhelds but this looks really nice, I wonder how the 3D with no glasses thing is going to work though =/

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    @Xeogua Nintendo did say Ocarina of time would be released on the 3DS.

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    It doesn't effect me really but I think they are making a big mistake.. They should launch this at 200 dollars... How many children can afford this ? And by children I mean parents.

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    I'm sure the 3DS will be amazing but DAMN, it's one ugly console.

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    I want one, but I don't play my DS enough to justify it, but didn't they say that the Ocarina of Time would be on it, because if so then that alone will justify it.

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    It shouldnt be long before they get here. The hardest part is over. Design and put in production.

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    @ jeffbordonaro XD wtf?? lmfao penis wrinkle??

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    Hopefully I can get one when it comes out in North America. :P

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    This thing is going to sell out fast! Nintendo has the handheld market by the throat and it doesn't look they are letting go anytime soon. They keep making Sony scramble around and go back to the drawing board, trying to get the right hardware competitor to face off against their DS, with no luck. I don't play that many handheld games but this one interests me and it looks to have a bit more raw power than the initial DS.

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    What ultimately matters are the games and wether or not you have fun with the console. Still, I can't help but feel Nintendo has underpowered a little too much their next gen portable console. We'll see when the specs get official and, most importantly, when we get a chance to lay our hands on the device and try it out.

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    looks to plain :( it needs a face lift

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    @ itsTolkien_time : Yes! Racing stripes,so that when we walk by people go,"What was THAT!?!" Jk. Really this guy was such a dope.What on earth could he possibly get from stealing a non-programmed console and posting a minute and a half video? He can't get any fame because he has to keep as anonymous as possible. He can't sell it because it isn't functional,and this video can be used in a case against him.What an absolute BUM! If he'd waited till the release,he could have PURCHASED a working one,and enjoy it. What a moron.

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    that is not going to come out

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    i'll wait for the 3DSi XL

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    i hate how the moved the d-pad

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    the 3D$ is either going to be the greatest game system of all time, or a major failure.

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    oneligas your right. if ms entered the handheld market they would of got their ass handed to them anyway.

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    Video has been removed already? LOL!