Final two WildStar classes revealed

The rumored Medic and Engineer classes are now confirmed for Carbine's upcoming MMO.

The Engineer.
The Engineer.

The final two WildStar classes have been revealed. During a conference call recently, Carbine Studios confirmed that the rumored Medic and Engineer classes will in fact appear in the MMO. They join previously confirmed classes Warrior, Esper, Spellsinger, and Stalker.

The Engineer is described as a heavy armor, long-range class played as a DPS or tank. The Engineer is able to cast on the move, though doing so means you will move more slowly. What's more, the Engineer is a "pet" class, and will have access to four bots. Players will have four to choose from (unlocked over time), though only two can be used at once.

The Medic.
The Medic.

Overall, a Carbine developer said gamers should think of the Engineer as a heavily armored Hunter from World of Warcraft, though this is a "very general comparison."

As for the Medic, this class can be played as a healer or DPS, Carbine said. The Medic will use Resonators to either wield damage or heal allies and its main resource are power cores. On the battlefield, the Medic can create "stations" that can be placed strategically to do persistent damage or healing.

Carbine also explained that the Medic will be "fully mobile," meaning it can move and evade attacks while simultaneously performing healing or damage casts.

WildStar will launch exclusively on PC in spring 2014. The game will require a $15/month subscription fee and Carbine is currently examining the possibility of supporting microtransactions.

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