Final New Smash Bros Character Will Be Bayonetta

Witch Time!


Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai wrapped up the final Direct presentation for his game by revealing the last character that will be added to the game: Bayonetta.

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Earlier this year, Nintendo asked for everyone in its community to vote on who should be added to the popular brawler. By worldwide votes, Bayonetta came in first in Europe and in the top 5 in the US. Looking at worldwide statistics, Sakurai said that she was the top-voted character that it was possible to negotiate for an in-game appearance.

The character will have two primary costume options: a Bayonetta 2 short-hair variation and an Bayonetta 1 long-hair form as well as a "Jeanne" color variation. You can check them all out in the gameplay video above (coming soon).

Bayonetta's Smash arena is a variation on the Umbra Clock Tower stage from the first Bayonetta game. She's due to enter the fight sometime next February. And like Final Fantasy VII's Cloud, she'll cost $6 individually on 3DS or Wii U, or you can get her on both systems for $7.

Bayonetta is an interesting third-party addition to the Smash Bros. roster, but Bayonetta 2 garnered a perfect 10 from GameSpot's reviewer last year, so the inclusion shouldn't be too much of a surprise. For even more announcements, characters, and costumes from today's final Smash Direct presentation, check out wrap-up story here.

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Avatar image for Richardthe3rd


This is the character I wanted most on the roster. Such an amazingly awesome decision! I am so stoked!

Avatar image for BlueFlameBat

I may end up getting a Wii U after all. I gotta admit I have a thing for these games despite their somewhat slippery controls. I'll need to get the Pro controller though because I don't want to be throwing or slamming the main Wii U controller into the side of my chair in anger, and the Smash Bros games have a tendency to make me angry.

Also, Wii U may not have all the bells and whistles of the competition (or region-freedom to expand its limited library of games), but honestly, I've had more fun with the Wii U at the kiosks than the PS4 and Xbox One.

Avatar image for Silverline62

Would have preferred Shantae but oh well. Conspiracy time: Sakurai didn't want Shantae cuz it's not a Japanese-created character!

Avatar image for coop36

So does this mean Shovel Knight has a chance for the next Smash Bros? :3

Avatar image for sladakrobot

Bayonetta 3 as one of the launch titles for the NX would be amazing

Avatar image for cboye18

BTW, they should heavily update Samus; she sucks really bad and it's an embarrassment that her alternate form seen in the worse Metroid game I've played (Metroid: Other M) is so much better. Give her some extra weight, killing power and buff her Super Missile (or just copy/paste Melee Samus).

Avatar image for karloss01

It's amazing how many people thought Banjo and Sora had a chance. Even if a PR guy said Banjo would be usable the final say would have been with the lawyers making up the contract. Platinum Games had three games with Nintendo (Mad World, Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2) and already had trophies in the game; it was an obvious choice.

Also why did some people want Wolf from Star Fox!? Do we really need another clone character?

My only other choice would have been Shovel Knight but seeing my top choice win had me half-pleasantly surprised and save for the Smash (where she keeps her clothes on) she's entirely intact.

Avatar image for BlueFlameBat

@karloss01: I wanted Krystal and Daisy. I'm just sayin'.

Avatar image for cboye18

@karloss01: King K.Rool and Isaac had a chance, but Sakurai is biased towards Fire Emblem.

Avatar image for coop36

Huh. Thats an... unexpected choice. Not someone I wouldve chosen, but they certainly couldve done worse.

Avatar image for nintendoboy16

Disappointing. Just disappointing.

I guess all that's left for me is to see IF the ESRB will crack down on Nintendo like they did Rockstar (San Andreas) and Bethesda (Oblivion).

Avatar image for lordossiss

So they don't give us one of the most requested characters... but they give us the shitty costume that you can't use online.
Great, wonderful. No, that's fine. You don't care.

**** smash, because I'm done. Geno could have been their saving grace.
The moves wrote themselves.

Avatar image for abHS4L88

Oh so you saw the results of the ballot?

Avatar image for FallenOneX


Avatar image for drocdoc

pretty sad knowing Bayonetta is the Wii u most hardcore game.

Avatar image for elheber

@drocdoc: You haven't played expert on Super Mario Maker, it seems. One of my own stages has a 0.5% completion rate last I checked.

Avatar image for LinkLuigi

Of all the characters, I'd have never guessed her! I mean, yeah, Snake's from an M-rated game too, but this is...way up there in terms of mature content. I am NOT disappointed in the least!

Avatar image for tsohgallik

@LinkLuigi: Nintendo put her on the censorship leash. She's not bringing guillotine and tombstones to the fight. Or big scary spiders or whips, or partial nudity, or even adopting Jeanne as a character skin and not.a color changes.

Avatar image for tdawgg30

@tsohgallik: Tell that to Snake.

Avatar image for -Vulpix-

Well guess I'll be buying every Nintendo Game Console and Game used from here on.
The only ones I'm buying new is Pokémon and Legend of Zelda.

I'll vote for Articuno for Smash 5.

Avatar image for BlueFlameBat

@-Vulpix-: That's an interesting choice. Kirby and Jigglypuff can float around, but what characters can actually fly around the arena outside of using a SMASH power-up

Avatar image for ip6o

@-Vulpix-: Cool story bro.

Avatar image for jonnybrownieboy

I think nintendo needs to bite the bullet with the smash bros franchise and release it on multiple platforms. Smash bros is too good of a game to be exclusive. It has the pontential to be the next csgo or league of legends in terms of an esport and no mini tournaments at convention centers for chump change dont count. Im talking about millions of veiwers watching people compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Avatar image for tdawgg30

@jonnybrownieboy: Sorry... but Sup Smash Bros. is Nintendo's intellectual property. Ask the company you want Zelda and Xenoblade Chronicles X on your multiple platforms.

Avatar image for abHS4L88

@jonnybrownieboy: Great point! Now let's get Microsoft to release Halo on multiple other platforms too because that makes sense, to take one of your best system sellers and make it multiplatform.

Avatar image for BlueFlameBat

@abHS4L88: If you get a decent cut of the profits, then maybe that would work well in your favor. On the other hand, Nintendo's exclusives are pretty much what have been keeping every Nintendo console since the Super Nintendo (maybe Nintendo 64) afloat. Until Nintendo steps up to the plate and actually makes a competitively powerful system that a game doesn't have to be stripped down to port to, the exclusives are pretty much it's lifeline, and I am as sure of that as I am aware that I use the phrase "pretty much" too much.

Avatar image for abHS4L88


Nintendo has never relied on mutiplatform games anyways. Even with the GameCube (which was more powerful than the PS2 and easier to develop for than the XBox), they barely got any multiplats so it really doesn't matter what Nintendo does in terms of power/ease of development, most 3rd party developers (mainly Western) aren't going to bother supporting Nintendo anyways and will probably just throw another excuse to not develop for their console.

Avatar image for jonnybrownieboy


I actually feel that same way about gears of war and killzone. Both amazing games being held back by exclusivity.

Avatar image for abHS4L88

Except they're not, many exclusives are amazing because they're exclusives, which not only makes it easier for the developers to optimize the game for that console, it also helps draw more attention to that game.

Avatar image for jonnybrownieboy


It also alienates a large amount of gamers who want the game but cant afford the platform its on. Exclusives arent amazing because of their exclusivity,if that were true then perfect dark zero must be an amazing game. Theyre amazing because theyre unique. Besides im not saying that every exclusive should become multiplatform. Games like uncharted, infamous,mario and xenoblade should stay exclusive because it helps the console sell. Games like killzone, resistance, halo, gears of war, smash bros and splatoon,i feel would make more money, get more attention if they were everywhere and the developers wouldnt have a reason to abandon the game one day. Why do you think COD is still relevant to this day? Because its everywhere. Games like the ones i listed above deserve a long lasting lifespan that everyone should be able enjoy and people who are extremely passionate about the games,refining their skills to an art, should have the opportunity to make a living off thier passion. That would only be possible if the game was known and played by everyone. This is just an opinion though so dont get your panties in a wad about it.

Avatar image for abHS4L88

@jonnybrownieboy: not really. If you feel alienated you're pretty much acting like an entitled brat. Gaming is a luxury not a necessity so if you cant afford something, either save up or deal with it. I didn't say all exclusives were amazing and Perfect Dark Zero was more the fault of Microsoft because they didn't give Rare the time to fully develop the game.

Yes it SEEMS like a good idea to bring super popular exclusives to other platforms but again, it's an absolutely stupid business decision and clearly these franchises don't need to be multiplatform to be successful, especially Smash. That same logic you allied to Uncharted applies exactly to Killzone and Gears. If these franchises die out, it's because the developers simply couldn't keep it relevant, like how Sakurai has kept Smash relevant.

CoD is relevant still because of the media and marketing, and the fact that the games are still well made. Smash is still relevant and that franchise is much older than CoD.

Avatar image for nini200

Not who I wouldv'e chosen but it makes sense with the partnership. I personally would have chosen Simon Belmont/Soma/Alucard/Dracula, Ninja Turtles (Different turtle and weapons are different outfit choices but function the same), Billy/Jimmy Lee, Sora, Neko, Freia (Zangeki No Regineiv), or a few others but ok.

The only one I'm confused on is Corrin. I'm not sure how Corrin made it into the game but it makes sense as a Marketing move. Oh well, I'll be getting Cloud later tonight once released.

Avatar image for deactivated-58ce94803a170

@nini200: They say Corrin was like number one in Japan. They say hes super popular over there. Bayonetta 2 isnt big in Japan, so i guess Nintendo wanted to give everyone something.

Avatar image for nini200

@mesome713: I can see that as Fire Emblem Fates is already out in japan. Overall I'm pleased with the final game. I just really wanted someone from Castlevania to make it in but thats ok.

Avatar image for TJDMHEM


Avatar image for seven7swords

Man when I saw they added yet ANOTHER Fire Emblem character I was disappointment...

But then this GLORIOUS reveal happened and I couldn't be happier! I guess I have Cloud to thank because of the sexyness in Bayonnetta games I really didn't think she would make it. But if Cloud could, just about anyone could.

I will main the hell out of her...

Avatar image for TAMKFan

Nice. I'm glad to see Bayonetta in the game. She's been one of my most wanted guest characters for the game, and now they are actually adding her in.

Avatar image for BlueFlameBat

@TAMKFan: I'm also glad she's in the game. Unfortunately, if I say why, others may pounce on me and call me a "social just warrior" and a ********. Hey, I speak from past experience.

Avatar image for UnrealPro

Why is a new copy of Bayonetta 2 so hard to find? It's only like a year old.

Avatar image for tdawgg30

@UnrealPro: Nintendo is re-issuing the copy of Bayonetta 2 (stand-alone copy) next month for just $29.99 in the United States.

Avatar image for sdinh225

@UnrealPro: Depends on where you live I guess? Surprisingly I've seen it as low as $34 at Gamestop compared to older 1st party wii u titles that are still $50+

Avatar image for adsparky

All's well that ends well. I'm glad Bayonetta was chosen.

Avatar image for syntaxkt

Lol I was reading how someone said they wanted bayonetta on this game yesterday on gamefaqs I think. Well props to them!

Avatar image for Brettsky128


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