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Final Lords of EverQuest faction revealed

The Dawn Brotherhood is the final side in the multiplayer RTS's three-way conflict.


Sony Online Entertainment revealed the third and final faction in its upcoming Lords of EverQuest.

A good alliance of barbarians, humans, and dwarves, the Dawn Brotherhood will be the third and final faction in the Rapid Eye Entertainment-developed game. It joins the evil Shadowrealm and the neutral Elddar Alliance.

Each alliance is led by five lords--both human and nonhuman--whose guises gamers can assume. Gamers can temporarily join up with the Shadowrealm via the LOE demos on GameSpot.

Set in the same universe as the wildly popular EverQuest, Lords of EverQuest combines 3D real-time strategy and fantastical magic à la Warcraft III. The game features both a single-player campaign and multiplayer action, though the latter will let only 12 players participate in the same game, compared with the 425,000-plus people simultaneously playing EverQuest.

Lords of EverQuest storms stores December 1 for $49.99.

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