Final four competitors in the MLG GameOn Invitational announced, groups released

The community casted their votes in the polls, and as a result four lucky players will find themselves competing for the $5000 prize pool.


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Ryan 'State' Visbeck, Marc-Olivier 'desRow' Proulx, Chris 'Illusion' Lee and Sam 'Kane' Morrissette are the final players that will participate in the MLG GameOn Invitational. After winning out in the public voting MLG hosted, these four players will now be able to go head-to-head against the previously invited American SC2 talent, featuring players such as Juan Carlos 'MajOr' Tena Lopez and Sasha 'Scarlett' Hostyn.

With all players in place, the groups for the tournament has also been revealed:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D

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